Tuesday, March 18, 2014


For the past 7 years I've lived in this house, my room has always looked super cluttered and really girly. My room literally looks like a 12 year old girl threw up in it. Its a very bright baby pink, I have green and white ikea shelves, and most of my furniture is white. Well I decided the best thing to do is take advantage of the colour scheme and make my room look more "girly" in a more mature and whimsical way. So the part of my room that I worked on today was my make-up drawer. I felt that this part of my room looked really cluttered.

So all of my make-up is stored in my "alex" drawer from Ikea, its the 9 drawer one. This is actually my favourite area of my room considering its all my make-up, I thought I would go out of my way to freshen it up, make it look a lot nicer.
Now for the goodies I got at Michaels! My favvvvvv store. They not only have arts and crafts there, they actually have a lot of cool little things, house and room decor items and more. Here is the overview of all my stuff I got, and for a pretty reasonable price as well.
So I picked up one of the spring bushes - peach blossom which I think they're called ($6.99) was the sale price, and a pretty transparent pink vase for it. ($4.49) I was thinking of filling the vase with vase filler or even a crystal garland I saw since its looking a little empty in there. I've been looking for some nice flowers to put in my room, might as well get fake ones so they can last forever.
This is I guess a jewelry box or trinket box which I got on sale for ($19.99) and I thought it was absolutely beautiful and would fit into the whimsical theme I was going for. Its a lot bigger in person, I would say about 12-15 inches in width and 8-10 inches tall.
 This is probably one of my favourite purchases. I love the colours of the egg candles and the simple yet intricate design of the metal nest. The candle eggs are unscented. ($4.99) The metal nest was ($2.99)
Growing up, I always loved the idea of royalty, crowns and tiaras, so I loved this tea light holder. My intended purpose for this was actually to be a little trinket or ring holder, even though I really don't wear rings since I hate my fat sausage fingers ahahaha, but I actually want to start wearing more jewelry because I feel like it can easily change the look of an outfit. This was regular price ($6.99) but since Michaels always has coupons, I got this for 40% off and received it for ($4.19)
Another one of my favourites. I love how girly it looks. I love the cherry blossoms on it! I think I love cherry blossoms, I really need to go to Japan during the time when they bloom, which I think is now actually. This is just a small decorative box which I used to put my sunglasses in as you can see below. It was on sale for ($5.99)
Fits four pairs of sunglasses perfectly. Top two are from Aldo accessories and the bottom one and the black pair are from Forever 21. I ain't about that brand name life when it comes to sunglasses.
Here is the finished look! I think it looks a lot more nicer, but maybe I should put my Marc Jacobs make-up bag somewhere else since its so black and thats the only thing you see in the picture haha. So my total was $57.00 but since I used a 40% off coupon and received a 30% off your entire purchase, I only paid $40.68 which is pretty awesome for some home decor stuff considering Michaels is sometimes a little expensive.

Anyways, I think I'm going to be doing a lot more redecorating and making my room look more suitable for someone my age. I also need to work on my photographing skills, and maybe build a photo/light box to take photos of products and stuff like that in. My room has terrible lighting. Well I guess I know what my next project will be!

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