Friday, April 18, 2014

Flare Limited Edition Mani-Pedi Kit Unboxing! (from Topbox)

Hello guys! Happy Birthday to me! I recently registered again for Topbox and since they teamed up with Flare to create a limited edition mani-pedi box, I jumped at the chance to purchase it.

If you do not know what Topbox is, it is a monthly subscription box in which you pay $10 a month ($13.56 with tax and such in Canada), and you get deluxe sized and sometimes full sized beauty products! They can range from hair products, skin products, nail, and make-up. I will go into more detail when I start my subscription box section of my blog.

On to the unboxing!

Topbox claimed that they would ship out the boxes by April 15th and it came right on schedule! 

So this was the card provided in the box, with a message from the editor-in-chief of Flare.

The back of the card.

This was a mini Flare "Mani-pedi" magazine. When you purchase this limited edition box, you get a subscription to Flare magazine for one year (12 issues), a $12.95 value!

The first product was a cuticle eraser and balm, which eliminates excess cuticles and claims to condition your nails, making your skin look and feel smoother. I never used anything for my cuticles, so my expectations can't be compared to anything besides never using anything haha. We shall see how it goes.

My least favourite thing about doing my nails is the wait time for them to dry. I'm always eager to start doing other things once I'm done, or I'm pretty much prone to banging my fingernail onto something, ALWAYS. I'm very excited to try this!!

Sally Hansen Nail Filer ($2?)
I didn't add a link to this because I couldn't find this exact one. I'm sure any nail filer would be just as fine, this one is cheetah print though so I guess thats pretty awesome. 

So Susan 8 Hour Cheek Stain (25 pounds, $46 CAN)
While searching up this item and realizing the price, I was pretty surprised that it converted to $46 because the box and packaging of the product seems rather cheap. The product itself swatched was okay but nothing special, so I have no idea how its so expensive. I guess I'll read more reviews on it! 

Sally Hansen Nail Polishes ($8 x6)
If you noticed above I put that there were 6 nail polishes because I was suppose to get 6! Disappointing that they forgot one of the colours! Luckily Topbox customer service always replies to you the same day or the next so they said that they would send it to me. So from left to right we have: Get Juiced (coral pink), I Lilac You (pale purple), Strawberry Shields (hot pink glitter top coat), Jaded (pale green, turquoise) and Trouble Maker (purple-violet). The missing colour was called "Tickle Me Pink" and it was a magenta colour.

In total, I paid $25 CAN for this box which included free shipping. In total this box was worth approximately $125!!!! Thats pretty darn awesome! I felt I needed more brighter, spring colours in my nail polish collection and I feel this would definitely work. Such a great value too, considering these nail polishes are already around $8 each. 

If you don't want the Flare subscription you can gift it to someone else, but there is no option to opt out of it for some reason. In my opinion besides the missing polish, this box is definitely worth the money.

I believe all these Sally Hansen products can be purchased at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart if you are looking to purchase in store rather than online. The colours of the nail polish specifically though I am not sure about since it did not specify if they are from a new collection or a previous one.

If you want to purchase this box, which is available only for a limited time, I have included a link below! Hope you enjoyed this unboxing post, look for a Topbox unboxing soon! 

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