Friday, April 11, 2014

Make-up Collection and Storage! (Youtube Video)

Today I decided to try something new and make a video about my make-up collection! Big mistake, because it took me like 3 hours to film the video and an hour to edit it LOL. Now I see why Youtubers hate say its a lot of work because it is! Anyways, I now see why I gave up on my dreams to become a Youtube star 4 years ago, because its a lot of work, and being the awkward and weird person I am, I was totally awkward and weird. I'm also disappointed in myself because I was on a roll publishing posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Oh well this one is a day late. So yeah here it is.. I cringed everytime I had to rewatch it while I was editing. I definitely need to be more comfortable talking haha. (Thats the introvert in me).

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