Friday, April 4, 2014

My Favourite Products of all time! (PART 3 - Lips)

In continuation and to finalize the list of my favourite products, these are my all time favourite lipsticks/lipglosses.

 I loooooooveeeee berry coloured lipsticks, and this one is amazing. It definitely is a matte finish and it looks wonderful with my skin tone. As much as I absolutely love this colour, I will never order from em cosmetics again. 
Rant: Long story short, I got charged way too much through a third party since em does not ship to Canada, which is unfortunate, so I had to get a US address. Not only did I get charged an extra $30, they repackaged my package in the shittiest box they could find, when I specifically said not to repackage it or change the box. And they got one of the lipsticks I ordered wrong. I didn't even bother sending a message or anything about the mistake because I'm not paying or going through the hassle of sending it through a third party again. My first time using and my first time buying from emcosmetics, will also be my last. 

Kate Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 07 ($5-7?)
Continuing on with the trend of berry coloured lippies, this is also one of my favourites. A lot cheaper and easier to find in drug stores, I actually LOVE Rimmel lipsticks, their other products are kind of meh to me, but the lipsticks are the best drug lipsticks finds in my opinion. 

I used to despise lipgloss, until I tried buxom lipglosses. Their formula is smooth, it doesn't feel too sticky on the lips, and it has that mint tingly feeling that I love. The smell of their full on lip creams is simply devine, it smells almost like a vanilla or a caramel? It smells delicious. I LOVE this colour the most because it goes well on top of any pink or nude lipstick, and makes your lips look super juicy. This is actually the one from the Sephora Favourites Christmas set from last year, and I already finished it sadly. 

I also received this one from the Sephora Favourites lip set and I love it. This shade is actually pretty similar to my actual lip colour, but it definitely brings out the pink in my lips. It is non sticky, and it does last very long just like the name states. I love the colour so much and it sucks that I don't have it in full size, because I think 34 bucks for a lipstick is crazy actually haha. 

Anyways, thanks for reading and enjoying my favourite products of all time, look forward to doing more extensive one on one reviews for products I'm loving (or hating)! 

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