Monday, April 21, 2014

Favourites of the Week (#1)

Hello! For today's post I am introducing a new segment of my blog called my favourites of the week. Every Sunday (or in this case, Monday) I will be posting up a few photos of my favourites of the past week. The items vary from beauty, food and almost anything really. Cheers to finally finishing school for the semester!

Neon Coloured Nail Polishes
Aren't these just so pretty? I picked them up from Urban Outfitters for $16, 2 for $8. Neon colours for the summer as an accent colour for any outfit is definitely one of my favourite trends right now. My favourite of the 4 probably has to be the neon orange. When I was in Vietnam last summer I got a pedicure with a neon orange colour, and man did my feet look super tanned. And the best thing about it was when you shined an ultraviolet light on my toes, the nails would glow in the dark! I don't know if its like that for all neon polishes, or that specific OPI neon orange colour I used. It was AWESOME.

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies
 I first heard about the dessert muddy buddies from The Shaytards Vlog, and when I saw this in Walmart I decided to try them. Oh my God. They are amazing. They're basically chex mix covered in confectionary sugar with a hint of oreo taste. The most delicious thing EVER. 

Lark Coconut Butter Cookies 
I got these cookies when I went to Chapters in the Toronto Eaton Centre on Thursday because the thought of butter cookies was calling to me when I was reading the flavours. The only time I tried butter cookies were from those blue tin boxes of cookies that probably every parent has had, and they are quite delicious. I am a fan of coconut (but not coconut water), so I decided to go for it. 8 dollars for cookies is pretty pricey though considering you only get like 10, but THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD. The coconut taste hits you when you take a bite out of the middle, and its not overpowering what so ever. The cookies are so yummy I don't even know how to explain the richness of the buttery cookie deliciousness. You just have to try it for yourself.

Big Yellow Sticky Notes
I put a small regular Post-It note so you can see how big this is. I saw this at Chapters and I had to get it. It's HUGE and awesome. Whats not to love?

Pizza Bites
Fairly easy to make and so delicious for something so simple. Lately I've been making these and its the most simple thing I can make that fills me up quick. Literally mini pizzas on baguettes! If you want a recipe, just comment below and I'll create a post !

What are your current favourites of the week?

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