Monday, April 7, 2014

Sephora VIB Sale Haul (2014) (#2)

Howdy friends, today's post is about my Sephora VIB Sale Haul, and this is actually my first VIB sale, since I only became obsessed with make-up about two years ago. Lets begin!! This is actually my first time owning a "higher end" foundation so I was excited to make this big purchase. I usually stick with drug store brands, and then I tried MAC, and now to the holy grail of my haul...

 I've heard great reviews about this time and time again, and since it works best on oily skin I had to buy it with the discount.
Really happy that it came with a pump. The shade that I purchased was based on my colour IQ which is 2y06, so I got the shade "golden." I will be making a more extensive review of this foundation very soon.

Even though I recently did purchase the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder ($57), I've been eyeing this bronzer for quite some time, and of course the VIB sale pushed me to buy it !
Here is a photo of the packaging, simply gorgeous, and since its plastic its very durable.
Its called a custom blend bronzer because you can choose to use one of the four colours to highlight and contour, or you can mix all the colours together to get a great shimmery bronzer. I'm not a huge fan of shimmer bronzers, but this one looks really pretty and makes you look sun-kissed. Perfect summer bronzer!

To go hand in hand with my new foundation, I purchased the Hourglass primer, in the smallest size. (0.33 fl oz./10 ml
I've heard only great things about this primer and I'm excited to use it since it claims to control oil! 

This was actually a second purchase I made on the second day of the VIB sale, since I was hesitant to purchase it.
I LOVE THE PACKAGING. I always thought this was just a highlight powder til my cousin told me that its actually suppose to be an all over face powder, which I think are my fav products. I love looking sun-kissed and glowy, not in the oily gross way. 
I got the shade "radiant light" which looks super tan and orange here, but trust me, it is very similar to a pale pink rose gold shade. The swatch was so pretty I couldn't resist, and the reviews for it were fairly great. I would have purchased Luminous Light or Dim Light if it were in stock, but I went for this one since I tan very easily in the summer. So excited to add this to my make-up routine. 

Last but not least, to end this haul, freebies/samples!
If you made a purchase in Sephora during the first day of the VIB sale, you received a limited edition Sephora make-up bag. I love the black and white stripes with the red accents, very nautical. I'll add links to the full size products of the samples I got below. 
So the samples I received along side the make-up bag were:

This was the bag that I received during my second day going to Sephora at Toronto Eaton Centre, the first bag I got at Yorkdale Mall.
It is a very small pink adorable Clinique make-up bag, perfect to throw in your purse!

Here are the products I received that day:
If you are interested in reading more about the samples I got, here are the links and prices for the full size products:
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream ($24 FS)
Clinique High Impact Mascara ($19 FS)
Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser ($21 FS)
Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner ($25 FS)

I actually have a couple more items from my Sephora VIB Sale Haul, but since I ordered it online I have not received it yet. Look forward to seeing it soon. Toodles :)

PS. If you want to make a purchase from Sephora online with the 15% off discount, be sure to log into your Sephora account, and when you check out use the coupon code: TICKET if you're a Beauty Insider, VIBTICKET if you're a VIB member, or ROUGETICKET if you're VIB Rouge! Valid until Friday April 11, 2014.

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