Monday, April 28, 2014

Target Canada Haul

Target Canada actually came to Canada about a year and a half ago, and I never got a chance to go to one until recently since most of them were on the outside of Toronto or just too far out of reach. So here is my awesome little haul from the last three visits I had. Target is totally my life, and I am taking advantage of the fact I have a car at the moment to go hehe.

This one is my favourite brushes that I purchased. This multipurpose brush works great for liquid foundations to blend it out and make your skin look flawless.

The bristles are super soft, and the brush is nicely dense and compact to give you almost a nice airbrush finish. I also like using it to blend out my bronzer so I don't have any harsh lines. It also works well for cream based products. Very multipurpose indeed! 

I love the packaging for the Sonia Kashuk Tools brushes, they're very sturdy plastic boxes that definitely can be used to restore your brushes or even for little knick knacks. 

This brush is so soft and feels amazing against your skin. It isn't dense, but more fluffy to lightly dust onto your face when applying powder or bronzer. I use this brush to apply my finishing powder.

This brush I'm still a little iffy about because it seems more like a stippling brush than a kabuki brush. The packaging is super cute and the brush handle is really pretty. Maybe I just bought this because I thought it looked nice, but I definitely need to use it more. 

The bristles are super soft and the brush is more fluffy than dense. It claims to work for bronzers and blush, but I don't think its dense enough for bronzers. It would probably work best for brushing on blush or even stippling on foundation.

This is from Sonia Kashuk's other line of brushes. I bought this because I wanted a good brush to apply my concealer under my eyes and my nose. 

Though its suppose to be a foundation brush, I find it way too small to apply on foundation because it would take forever using this tiny brush. It works perfectly to apply concealer around my eyes and nose because I can get around the little crevices of my face and blend it out nicely. 

I picked up this item on a whim while at Target and thought I would try it out. BEST DECISION EVER. This stuff is AMAZING. If you wear contacts, this stuff is a life saver. Most eye make-up removers I use sometimes get in my eyes and burns like crazy. This stuff does not. No sting, no nothing. It works REALLY REALLY well. I definitely will be repurchasing this and stocking up as soon as possible! This is my all time favourite eye makeup remover now!

I. LOVE. THIS. BAG. I've been on the hunt for a new brown satchel/crossbody bag and I think I have found it. This super cute bag is so compact but roomy, and I love the material of it. Its really nice and slouchy if you don't over stuff it. It is my definite go to bag for the summer.

Mossimo Supply Co. Denim Shorts ($17.00)
Target was having a sale on their denim shorts so I decided to pick one up. I don't know if their sizes are different for the Mossimo brand, but I had to get a way bigger size than I am normally to find a pair that fit well. Surprisingly Target sells really cute clothes and accessories. I love the light colour of these shorts and the frayed out fringe at the bottom. 

Xhilaration No Show Socks ($6.00)
Not that exciting of a purchase, but I got some socks haha. Cute colour!

Que Bella Face Masks ($1.99 each)
I love using sheet masks and peel of masks so I decided to try this brand. The clarifying mask is used to remove dead skin cells from your face for a deep soothing clean. The rejuvenating sheet mask is for a deep cleanse and moisturizing. 

Birthday Cake Oreos!
I forgot the price of these, BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER. These oreos are the best oreos in the world. If you tried Dunkaroos with the confetti icing and you loved it, then you will absolutely love this. I saw these last year at Walmart but it was only there for a limited time only. I was so sad and I thought I would never see them again. Then when I saw them at Target I literally freaked out. I hope these are a regular item at Target because my life would be complete.

A lot of people I know were not as excited about being at Target as I was, but I love going to Walmart and I thought Target was way more awesome. They have brands like Sonia Kashuk, Pixi and Nyx which is not available at Walmart, and they have really cute clothing and accessories. I probably will be going back soon!

To my fellow Canadians, have you been to a Target yet? If so, do they have anything you love there that isn't found anywhere else? 
To my other readers around the world, have you ever been to a Target or Walmart? Or what do you have in your country that is similar to a big superstore? Please feel free to comment below! 


  1. I love the bag! Does the brown cross-body bag have zip closure, or just a snap?

    1. Thanks for the comment! It's just a magnetic button closure. Bag is still awesome though, been using it everyday since I got it!

    2. awesome, thanks for the quick reply!


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