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Blog Proof Review - An Editing Service for Bloggers!

Happy Saturday my fellow readers! As a blogger, and I know a few of my readers are bloggers too, we all come to a few issues when we write our blog posts. There have been too many days where I write my blog posts a little late, trying to rush to put them up, and then I forget to edit before I publish it live. By then, it's too late. A bunch of people have seen my grammatical errors! When I re-read my posts, I see a bunch of spelling mistakes, bad sentence structure, and horrible use of the wrong tense. This is why Blog Proof was created to save the day.

Today's post is going to be a review* on Blog Proof and the services they offer.

First off, what is Blog Proof?
Blog Proof provides proof reading and editing services to bloggers, in order to provide great and grammatical free content!

How does it work?
To simplify it, you choose and purchase one of their services they offer, make the payment and send in your post so they can edit it for you. They will efficiently get it back to you in a timely manner so you can publish your post, care free of errors.

Right now they are currently offering their basic editing option to all their customers. (They also have other service options which I will talk about a little further down the post). You choose from word counts of 500 words, 1000, or 2000. From that point on you just follow the instructions on their website for a secure checkout and its smooth sailing from there.

Now onto my review.
I got a great opportunity to try Blog Proof's services and sent in a copy of one of my blog posts in the middle of the night, after their business hours.

Their business hours are:
Monday - Friday 9am to 11pm
Saturday - Sunday 10am to 10pm

If you send your blog post within the business hour times, you should receive an email with your edited post within 4-12 hours based on how long your post is (500 words to 2000 words).
If you send your blog post after their business hours, they will attempt to send it back to you the next day by noon (500 words), next day by 2pm (1000 words), or next day by 10pm (2000 words).

Those are fairly reasonable turnover times considering they could be bombarded with blog posts to edit all in one day.

I sent my 1054 word blog post to them in the middle of the night and received my post back within a few hours. Awesome! Upon receiving my email the editor of my post was very friendly and told me what she changed about my post. I re-read everything and it sounded great!

Blog Proof also provides Monthly Packages and Rush Orders to their customers, if you're not interested in the Basic Editing option.

Monthly Packages
Package one: The monthly packages are mainly for bloggers who want to use their services frequently. For a monthly fee which is about 50% less than ordering post by post, you get up to 30 edited posts for 30 days with a 1000 word count limit.

Package two: This one is for people who need an editor almost always. These people are creating more than one post a day. With this package you are getting your own personal reader!

Rush Orders
This option is for bloggers who need their posts edited ASAP! These are only offered during business hours, and are similar to the basic editing options, but the turnover time is half the time.

What I love most about Blog Proof is that they are offering an amazing service to make the blogging life a little easier for us bloggers. Blogging is definitely one of my most favourite things to do, but sometimes having to constantly re-read your post before you publish it can get a little tedious. The worst parts are when your posts are super lengthy and you're trying to write more than once a day because you want to have your posts pre-scheduled. Who has time to read all of them on short notice? That's why Blog Proof is here to help.

If you're interested in using any of Blog Proof's services today, I have great news for you guys!
When you're shopping the options on, use the Promo code ANY20 (make sure its in all caps!) to receive 20% off any services. This offer will be expiring August 31, 2014, so make sure to take advantage of this limited time offer! (Coupon will only be valid once per customer).

Hope you enjoyed my review today for Blog Proof!

*Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity as a blogger to test out and review Blog Proof's service. 
All opinions are based on my personal use.

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