Monday, May 19, 2014

Free Samples - Elle Canada Spring 2014 Beauty Box

Another free sample box? YES! This was actually a sample box that I did not talk about in my How To Get Free Samples Post. I didn't post it because for some reason the link to the Elle Canada Beauty Box wasn't working, and still doesn't whenever I try to access it. It may be because I'm using Chrome so someone please let me know!

I think I may have registered through my Iphone sometime, and thats how I received one for this Spring. What the EC Beauty Box is, its a program created by Elle Canada that offers free samples and coupons to qualified people to rate and review FREE products!

So how do you qualify? Above, I imbedded a link where it says "Elle Canada Beauty Box" and when you scroll down the page, you just input your email and I believe they will notify you if you will be receiving one. From what I recall, but don't take my word on it since I have terrible memory, you have to fill out a survey which helps them determine if you're qualified for a free box. I wasn't actually expecting one this year and was super happy to see it in my mailbox. Thanks Elle Canada!

Here is the super cute box they give you! So pretty and chic. 

An overview of what I received in my box.
From what I seen, everyone has received the same products:
Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast Mascara - Full Size! ($9.97)
Satin Care with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel - Full Size! ($3.00)
Crest 3D Whitestrips (1 sachet)
Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner (deluxe sample)

In the box was also a card and a mini magazine on looks you can create. 

This is the inside of the product card. It tells you what is the "seasons all-star products", also known as what you get in the beauty box.

Some of the products in the product card were not given, but instead they provided coupons for the following products:
$3.00 off any Olay Regenerist Luminous Products
$4.00 off when you buy any One Venus Razor System
$1.00 off when you buy any One Satin Care Shave Gel
$5.00 off when you buy any Vidal Sassoon Hair Colour Box

The real question is, why aren't you signed up for an Elle Canada Beauty Box? You get free samples, yes FREE. You will be seeing a lot of the word FREE in my blog posts, because I love getting FREE stuff! I love trying new products and I love companies who are willing to give consumers a chance to try their products before we purchase them. 

Once again, if you're interested in getting an Elle Canada Beauty Box, just click the link right here. Wait for the email and hope they pick you for the next upcoming box!

Do you enjoy saving, getting coupons and free samples? Comment below and let me know! I have many websites, ideas and surprises up my sleeve!


  1. I sub to Elle Canada, how come everyone but me got a box?

    1. do you live in Canada? It says to be eligible you just have to be a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) and in the range of legal age in the province!


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