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imPRESS Press On Manicure by Broadway Nails - Review !

Hello! Today I will be writing a review on the imPress Press on Manicure, which I received complimentary from Influenster and their Vox Boxes. This was actually the first time I was considered and qualified for their product testing program based on the badges I unlocked through the Influenster website. If you're interested in signing up for Influenster, unlocking badges, and getting the chance to speak your mind about some amazing products, click here to sign up!

When I received my box in the mail I actually had no idea what to expect inside the package. When I opened it up, I was pretty excited to see press on acrylic nails! If you know me, or follow my Instagram, you will know that I LOVE wearing acrylic nails. Why you say? Despite them damaging my nails, I love having long nails because I was cursed with brittle, lame, short nails. People tell me to try treatments, nail strengtheners, drinking milk, but nothing works! The only way I can achieve long and beautiful nails is to glue them on. I prefer doing it myself because if I wanted long nails all the time, going to a nail salon would make me poor.

On to the review!

I received a plain little white box with the Influenster sticker on it.

The card I received in the box.

The designs I received. 
 Super cute aren't they? I've seen other Influenters reviews and they provided a large variety of designs for everyone to try. The one on the left is called "working girl" and I don't know exactly what the one on the right is called, but I will update it as soon as I get the chance.

My choice.
 I decided to go with this rose gold base coloured nails with the black lace detailing. 

Step One: Lay out the sizes that fit you.
 First you're going to want to find the nails that fit you best. Luckily these nails were actually a perfect fit for my small nails. On the back of each nail there is a number and you can match it up on both hands that way.

Step Two: If you have nail polish on, you're going to want to clean that off first. Next you're going to cut your nails so they aren't peeking out underneath the fake nails since they are rather short.

Step Three: Inside the package, they provide an alcohol wipe to clean your real nails before applying the fake ones. This will clean your nails and hopefully provide a clean surface for the fake nails to stick on longer.

Step Four: On the back of each fake nail, there is a plastic sheet covering the sticky part. Starting with the pinky nail on either hand, peel off the sheet and press the fake nail firmly onto your pinky nail and hold for a few seconds until its secure. What I did was I alternated hands, so I went from left pinky, right pinky, left ring finger, right ring finger and so on. 

Ta-da! Done!
So easy, and I really enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to apply the glue myself, because sometimes that can get a little messy. In my opinion they could really pull off being my real nails haha.

On the packaging it claims to last up to one week. I applied these on Tuesday May 20th.

Daily Snippets:
Tuesday May 20 - night time: while going to bed, I was moving my hair out of the way and my hair got caught between the fake nail and my real nail.
Wednesday May 21: After I showered, I noticed that the two index fingers were a bit loose. Fiddled with it a bit and they came off, so I re-glued them on with nail glue.
Thursday May 22: After washing dishes, right ring finger nail was loose, so I re-glued it with nail glue. Also got caught in my hair twice that day.
Friday May 23: Right index finger and right thumb nail came loose at work, had to take them off. Ended up removing all the nails after my shift since they didn't seem too attached to my nails anymore.

Final Thoughts: The product itself is a great idea because its easy and quick to apply, but it doesn't seem to be long lasting if you put them in water or through a bit of labour. It lasted me about 4 days in total. I love the many options of designs and colours, and they are definitely great for a night out if you're short on time and can't get your nails done. You can easily stick these on and you're good to go! It's a good product but I wish the adhesive on them stuck a lot better to provide longer product use.

Rating: 3/5

If you're interested in seeing what other designs they have, click here!
This product is available for purchase at Walmart or you can buy it on Amazon. Impress Manicure in Dancing Queen

This product was sent to me for complimentary testing purposes. 
All opinions are my own and based on my personal use. 

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