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LOU LOU Limited Edition Summer Topbox - Unboxing and First Impressions

Throughout my years of entering contests and sweepstakes, I've only ever won one. It was a Facebook contest for Cheeky Cosmetics, and it was probably over 3-5 years ago. A few weeks ago, however, Topbox was holding a contest on their Facebook page for one of their fans to win this awesome limited edition LOU LOU Topbox! I literally went onto Facebook, saw the contest and immediately decided to comment on the photo for a chance to win. I was actually planning on purchasing the box that day, but I decided to wait to see if I would possibly win. A couple hours later, I saw a message from Topbox saying I had won, and I was stunned. I never win anything. I hate playing board games, scratch cards, and going to the casino because I just have horrible luck, but I actually won!! I was super excited to get this awesome prize. So thanks to Topbox, I will be enjoying all these awesome new products!
This months limited edition box features 10 amazing products from a huge range of brands, and a 1 year magazine subscription to LOU LOU Magazine. The box is currently on sale for $40, and the claimed retail value of this box is $130+, which is awesome. Let's begin this unboxing!

An overview of all the goodies.
Look at everything you get!

This was the first product that caught my eye because of the gorgeous packaging. Just look at the detailing on the mascara itself too! I've never seen so many graphics on mascara before, and it’s absolutely stunning. The brand "Teeez" actually originates from Europe, I believe (someone please verify for me!), so that’s a bonus. I love trying products from different countries. I've tried it a couple times after my unboxing and I absolutely love it. It adds a bit of length to my lashes, and doesn't clump up when I apply many layers. Yay!

I've always seen Soap and Glory products in Shoppers Drug Mart but I never pushed myself to try the products. I'm so happy that I received it so I can finally have the opportunity! I've never used a lip plumper before (though I think my lips could be a bit bigger), so this should be interesting. (Update: I tried the product and the stinging feeling is just so… uncomfortable? I mean, it’s not horrific or anything but it definitely takes some getting used to!)

I actually already own this product, but my version of it doesn't have the number 2 printed on the bottle. I'm assuming this is a newer one, possibly a newly formulated version? Anyways, I do love this product so it’s always great to have a back up! You use this product by spraying it on your face before applying foundation (optional), and once you've complete your whole look, you apply it again to set your make-up. It’s great at keeping your make-up in place for hours.

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray - Travel Size ($3)
I'm not a huge fan of getting hair styling products since I don't bother ever taking care of or doing my hair, but this product claims to help speed up drying time by 50% and reduce friction while conditioning your hair. You're supposed to use it with a hair dryer, but I'm more of an air-drying girl. I'll give this product a shot though, maybe for days I need to dry my hair ASAP before going out!

This is probably not a product I am going to dive into since I don't think I need to worry about using wrinkle reducing products at the moment. I think I shall give this to my mom; she loves when I give her new products to try hehe.

I love these shades for spring and summer! I especially love "bikini so teeny" (the blue one), since it reminds me of being by the ocean and sailing. Actually, both colours kind of give me a nautical feeling! Essie nail polishes are also great quality, so what a great bonus. :)

This will be the first time I am trying a Shu Uemura product. I've heard great things about the brand itself, but I was unaware that they had a line of shampoos and conditioners! This will be an exciting product to try; you can't go wrong with high-end shampoo and conditioner! Apparently these two should not replace your regular shampoo and conditioner, because they are used mainly for removing build up.

Once again a new brand and product I have yet to try! This skin scrub is used to make your skin irresistibly soft and nourished. My skin is normally already super soft without moisturizers or anything, but it can get a bit dry. I hope this product can help keep my skin smooth and silky!

It appears that every month, Topbox is releasing a limited edition box, curated by different magazine companies. For April it was the Flare Mani-Pedi Kit which I did an unboxing post on here, and this month is the LOU LOU Summer Topbox.

The limited edition LOU LOU Summer Topbox is available for sale to Topbox members and nonmembers for only $40 on the Topbox website. In total, you're getting $113.75 worth of products PLUS a 1 year subscription to LOU LOU magazine, which is a $12.95 value. Altogether it is $126.70. This is under their claimed $130+ value, but still, I won this box for free. And even if I didn't, I would of only paid $40 for all of this great stuff!!
I'm so grateful that I won this box and now I have this amazing opportunity to try out a bunch of brands I've never tried out before. Thank you again Topbox!

If you're interested in purchasing this limited edition box, they're still on sale! (click here!)

Want to check out what was in the Limited Edition Flare Mani-Pedi Kit? Click here!

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