Monday, May 12, 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection/Mini Haul

About a week ago I made a purchase at MAC and since I only bought like, two lipsticks, I decided to do a MAC lipstick collection since I don't have many MAC lipsticks anyways. Funny how I would go out of my way to photograph a bunch of lipsticks and make a blog about it rather than just two haha.

During my growth in learning about make-up and starting my collection, MAC was never a brand that I was interested in. Being a young teenager, I looked for the cheapest, best products, rather than expensive brands and big names. I bought my first MAC lipstick only last year. It has changed my life.

I love drug store lipsticks (especially the Kate Rimmel ones), but there is something about MAC lipsticks that you can't compare to others. Lets create a mini list:

  1. The scent - All their lipsticks smell the same. They smell like vanilla or something. It isn't unpleasant at all. 
  2. The packaging - Sleek, black, beautiful. The limited edition ones are even better.
  3. The variety - Satin, Lustre, Matte, Frost? And the colours?!
  4. Pigmentation - Every single lipstick offers amazing colour payoff. 
I could probably go on, but this is just a MAC lipstick collection post, not a "why MAC lipsticks are awesome" post.

Behold, the beauties.
 My little wee MAC lipstick collection. As much as I love MAC lipsticks, I can't justify splurging on a bunch of lipsticks I probably don't need. Yet.

These are the five that I have in my collection, and I just purchased two more.

Without their lids on. Looking pretty.

An aerial shot with flash so you could see the brilliant colours.
 From left to right and in order from oldest to newest:
Speak Louder (Cremesheen) - I would describe it as a tropical pink. This was the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased.
Lustering (Lustre) - Being a lustre lipstick it definitely makes your lips look glossy and juicy. It looks fairly similar to Speak Louder, but leaning towards a darker, reddish pink.
Lip Blossum (Lustre) - A sheer, shimmery, coral pink.
Heroine (Matte) - One of my favourites. A vibrant, cartoon, vivid purple/violet.
Syrup (Lustre) - A pale, nude pink, with a bit of a brown/purple undertone.


My new babies to add to my collection.
 One of the reasons I picked up "Angel" was because my cousin randomly chose a lipstick from her collection and let me use it since I didn't have any, and it happened to be Angel. I used to hate wearing baby pinks/nudes but this one just looked amazing on me! I had to get it for myself.

Photos don't do this packaging justice.
This awesome holographic lipstick container is just so sleek and pretty. This is from their limited edition Proenza Schouler line, and it was for $26, because it was limited edition.

Angel (Frost) - I never liked frost lipsticks because I just thought they looked shimmery and tacky, but this one is not frosty looking at all. I would describe it as a pale baby pink, it looks natural in the tube but super pretty and dainty on the lips.
Pinkfringe (Satin) - A vibrant, coral pink. A more paler Barbie/bubble gum pink.

Left is Angel, and the right one is Pinkfringe. 

I hope you enjoyed my little MAC lipstick collection. What are your favourite MAC lipsticks if you have one?

I'm going to say that Heroine and Angel are my favourites!

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