Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY No Sew Tutu! (Youtube Video)

Why is it that everytime I do a DIY post or video, my room looks like its been hit by a hurricane? Anyhow, todays post and video is about a DIY no sew tutu! I had a lot of fun making this (but it was not fun cleaning the pink glitter off my floors and bed) and I'm excited to show you this beauty of a tutu I made.

Before you proceed, have you watched the video yet?? The link is above the picture! 

Okay, continue on now.

Usually I have a reason as to why I make certain DIYs. I made this tutu because of the fact that summer is here and so is music festival season. As I am posting up this tutorial, here in Toronto, Digital Dreams is tomorrow! Unfortunately I am not going, but I decided to make this awesome tutu for people who would want to make one! I am going to Veld Music Festival though so maybe I will wear mine hahahahaha. (maybe.) I just think tutus are so cute, girly and fun overall, why wouldn't anyone want to own one in the first place? I love that you can do any colour to suit you and your personality, and its so customizable with what you can add to it. This doesn't have to be limited to music festivals. Tutus are great for Halloween costumes, marathons (yes I've seen people wear tutus to marathons!), baby shower gifts? I don't know, you can use a tutu for any occasion you please!

Lets get right into the measurements and what you need:
You will need:
Ribbon (colour of your choice)
A Ruler (preferably measuring tape)
Tulle (colour(s) of your choice)

I used 3 1/4 rolls of white tulle.
I used 2 rolls of pink tulle.
The white tulle rolls at Michaels have 18.2m per roll.
The pink glitter tulle rolls have 9.1m per roll.
In total I used approximately 72.8m of tulle. (more because I used like 1/4 of a 4th roll)
I measured my waist to be 35 inches.
All these measurements will obviously be different for each person of course, unless you have the same waist size as mine. It all depends how long you want your tutu to hang (I made mine 10 inches and cut 20 inch strips). It also depends on the pattern of colours you're doing. I did 8 pieces of white, and then switched to 2 pieces of pink because the pink tulle is a lot thicker and fuller. so that technically was 16 pieces of white and 4 pieces of pink since I did a double layer. Another factor is how tight you tie the tulle to the ribbon. If you make it really tight, the ball of the knot will be smaller so you will have more space to fit more pieces of tulle. (it makes more sense if you watch the video to understand what I'm saying haha).

The overall cost of this project:
2 pink tulle: $7.99(x2)
4 white tulle: $4.99(x4)
Ribbon: $5.99
Lights: $16.99
TOTAL: $58.92 before tax.
Total(with tax): $66.57

That's actually pretty pricey, but not what I paid. If you're getting your supplies from Michaels, they ALWAYS have 40% off one regular price item coupons available online. Often they have sales for their ribbon and tulle, so you just got to look out for it. I bought everything either when it was on sale, or just bought one roll of tulle a day. If you're planning on getting the supplies to make this by tomorrow, they're actually having a 40% off your entire regular price purchase!(From 9am to 1pm) (Canadians, not sure about American stores). You can always get your tulle at a fabric store, but I'm not sure how much more expensive it is, but I know sometimes Michaels can be pretty pricey, but good thing they have coupons.

So I'm guessing I spent a little less than half the price of the overall cost without discount coupons! 

Anyways hope you enjoyed learning about how to make a tutu, except that you didn't learn much unless you watched the video before reading this post haha. Anyways, here are some cool pics I took wearing the tutu.

I look like a magical fairy.
Now that my picture wall isn't there, my wall makes a great backdrop for photos. Unfortunately the true lilac colour doesn't show up well on my camera. Bummer.

Not recommended that you jump on your bed with a glittered tutu. My bed was covered in pink sparkles for days.


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