Friday, June 20, 2014

June 2014 Topbox Review

Here comes another subscription box! Hope you're not tired of seeing another one in a row since I did post one on Wednesday haha. Today's post will be about my June Topbox.

If you're new to what Topbox is, it is basically a beauty subscription box based in Canada. Every month they send out a box with 4-5 samples/deluxe size samples and occasionally full sized products ranging from hair care, skin care, make-up and nail care. Let's begin!

June 2014 Topbox
Once again I chose to have a regular topbox. Every month they have themed boxes where you can get either a regular topbox, or one or two full sized products from a specific brand. I don't remember exactly what were the choices this month, but I do recall one of them being a full sized Glam Glow product. 

Bioderma Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel - Deluxe Sample ($3.95)
I was excited to see this product in my Topbox because in my "favourite products of all time" post, I talked about the Bioderma Sensitive Skin Make-up Remover being the most amazing thing ever. If you want to see that post just click here! This is a gentle shower gel for dry sensitive skin. This will probably work for my body though because my face is super oily so I don't know if it would apply to me. I heard that if you had oily skin though that you should use products that add oil so your skin would stop producing it. I really should test that theory out! 

Barefoot Venus Lip Fable in "Honey" - Full Size ($7.50)
The one thing that I love about Topbox compared to Ipsy, is the fact that I always get a lot of brands I never heard of. This makes me feel like I'm expanding my horizon in the make-up industry and that I'm supporting the smaller cosmetic companies rather than always buying from big names. Anyways, This is a honey scented lip balm infused with jojoba seed oil, shea butter fruit, meadowfoam oil and grape seed oil. It works amazing for dry, chapped lips. The smell is absolutely mouthwatering. I know it says honey and all but I feel like theres a hint of lemon and I love the scent of candy and lemons. 

Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - Deluxe Sample ($5.66)
I was a bit disappointed to see this again since I have received it from a beauty box before. It was either a Glossybox or the Topbox, but I'm pretty sure it was Topbox since this is a Murale/Shoppers Drug Mart brand. Theres actually pretty good reviews on this product, but being the lazy person I am, skin care stuff doesn't excite me as much as it should, being a person who loves beauty and make-up. I guess I shall give it a try!

China Glaze Nail Polish in "Feel the Breeze" - Full Size ($10)
I don't know why but my camera really likes to make colours look weird. It could be the lighting though. This nail polish is actually similar to a bubble gum pink. Not one of my favourite shades but I guess it could make a good toe nail polish. Nothing special about getting nail polishes in boxes. I think I've only been wowed by a nail polish from a subscription box once in my life haha.

Full Size Products: 2
Deluxe Size Products: 2
Samples: 0
Price for Bag: $12
Value of this month's bag: $27.11
Mel's Rating: 3/5
I've seen better.

I felt like this bag didn't wow me. Well, lately I feel like Topbox hasn't wowed me enough so I think next months box may be the decider of whether I keep it or not. It's always a rollercoaster with Topbox. I always give them a chance to be awesome, and then they just end up being okay. I mean I guess its worth it regardless because all I am paying is 12 bucks for it. You do get products worth way more, but then again I can just save that money and buy what I want. I have a feeling once again I will be leaving Topbox and maybe trying something new. 

Some people love Topbox and the products they get from them, but I have always been iffy with them in general. They have AMAZING customer service, one of the best and sweetest customer service reps I've dealt with in my life. Maybe we just weren't meant to be! If you're interested in Topbox though, don't be afraid to subscribe based on how I feel, I mean its just my opinion.

If you're interested in seeing my previous boxes click the following links:

Do you guys have any recommendations for any good subscription boxes? 
Preferably ones that also ship to Canada? 

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