Monday, June 16, 2014

The Best Online Shopping Websites

Every night after catching up on my blog reading, I decide to do a little online window shopping. It's a horrible habit I know, and I've heard so many times "never online shop after 2am" because of course you're going to impulse buy a lot of things. Today I am going to be talking about my favourite online shopping websites! These are websites I enjoy browsing on (occasionally buying things I don't need), because of the great prices and just the fact everything is all in one place. (referral link)

One of my favourite websites where I can get cashback on all my favourite stores. Sometimes I forget to go through when I'm purchasing something to check if the store is affiliated with the website. Depending on the website you can get up to 50% cash back on your purchases. The sites I shop online most are from Forever 21 and Sephora. I decided to keep the website in my bookmarks bar so if I ever plan to check on the Sephora or Forever 21 website, I click first just in case I do end up buying something. So far, I have accumulated almost $10 back! I probably would have gotten more if I remembered to go on their website first. Its a great place to find your favourite clothing stores on to see how much money you can get back. They also have stores like: Anthropologie, Asos, Expedia, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, and so much more. I'm planning to make a separate post if anyone is interested on how it works specifically and how to sign up and make the most out of your online shopping experience! Just click on the "All Stores" tab to see all the affiliate stores with Currently, I believe is only available to the US, Canada and Mexico if I am not mistaken.

Hautelook (referral link)
Probably my most favourite out of all my shopping websites is Hautelook. Hautelook, which is part of Nordstrom from the United States, is an online destination where you can find amazing limited time flash sales for almost anything and everything. You can find almost anything on this website for a crazy discounted price compared to original retail stores. My favourite things to buy on Hautelook are make-up related because occasionally they have sales like 50% off Lorac or Tarte!! Of course its not like the whole cosmetic line that they are selling, but just a few of their popular items. You can even find designer bags like Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors for a discounted price as well. Everyday at 8am PST they change what is currently on sale and everyone fights to pick the best products, since there are limited quantities of everything. In order to purchase from Hautelook, you are required to sign up for an account which doesn't take no time at all.

Beyond the Rack (referral link)
Beyond the rack is another flash sale website, with the same concept as Hautelook. Unfortunately they only ship to addresses in North America. I find that Beyond the Rack has a larger variety of items compared to Beyond the Rack, but in a way the items are of a lesser quality. They do occasionally have sales for designer hand bags and shoes as well, similar to Hautelook. My favourite things to buy from Beyond the Rack are clothing and shoes, since they offer great prices for them.

Do you have any favourite shopping sites?

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  1. Haute look has some incredible offers!! Love their websites! One of my favorites is actually an online consignment named they have some of the most amazing prices I've seen! thanks for the post xx


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