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The Top 6 Bronzers

Summer is around the corner, and everyone wants to have a sunkissed tan. Why not get a head start this year and find the best bronzer for you? Today's post is about my top favourite bronzers! I'm super stoked to write this post because I LOVE bronzers. Besides lipsticks, I love trying new bronzers and having a huge collection of all types of bronzers I don't need. When I don't contour my face on any given day, I feel so bland and incomplete. Bronzer is my best friend, and it also keeps my face from looking too round or too flat; because thats what best friends do right? 

My Top 6 Bronzers
To start the post off, man I had a hard time finding a way to photograph all the bronzers in the same picture. The packaging for all these are so oblong they look so weird next to each other. Anyways, if you're interested in purchasing any of these bronzers, the bronzer names below are clickable links. Enjoy!

These top 6 bronzers are my favourite all time bronzers I have ever used. 
I will be listing them from least favourite to most favourite.

Before I became obsessed with make-up, this was my first bronzer I ever owned (besides the discontinued healthy glow bronzer by elf). I never understood the concept of contouring your face, or adding dimension to your face, until I was introduced into the world of make-up. This was my favourite drug store bronzer, and actually the only drugstore bronzer I've ever used haha. 

I was introduced to theBalm first when I watched a make-up video and the girl was using theBalm Nude Tude Palette. I instantly fell in love with the quirky packaging. I was able to purchase this bronzer from Hautelook, my favourite website to get discounted make-up. The slender and sleek packaging for the bronzer makes it so convenient to carry around. The bronzer itself is an amazing matte brown and is perfect for contouring your nose.

This is probably going to be the bronzer I grab the most this summer. The Too Faced Beach Bunny bronzer is the perfect glowy summer tan you are looking for. It was featured in my Too Faced Cosmetics Brand Spotlight post, which I think I put up one or two weeks ago. The bronzer is four separate gold/brown colours that you swirl together to make a beautiful golden tan. If you're not a fan of shimmer, this may not work for you, but it definitely gives you a summer glow. 

Probably the most expensive and luxurious bronzer I own, the Guerlain bronzer is super pigmented and awesome. I got the darkest shade (ebony) because I feel if you contour your face, its best to get a shade a lot darker than your skin tone of course so it could be used to hollow out your cheeks, or create that shadow on your temples. Would I say this is worth the money? Absolutely! Its pricey because it works.

Probably the most sought out contour kit currently, the Anastasia Contour Kit lives up to its expectations. All the shades in this palette are pigmented and the bronzers are PERFECT. I would call this palette number one in contouring kits but then again I haven't used any other one. 

In the kit I use the two bronzers on the left. I don't use the bottom right one because as you can see, it is very orange. The bottom left one is great for contouring your temples and your cheeks, and the middle one is great for contouring your nose. If you're interested in seeing swatches of all the shades or a review, just let me know in the comments! (Unfortunately due to high demand, the palette is currently sold out on which I linked above, and it is sold out on the Anastasia website as well. Best way to get it is to sign up for email notifications on Sephora for when it comes in stock!)

When you look at the picture on the Sephora website that I linked, the bronzer looks super light, but it is not even close to that colour. The Hoola bronzer is a matte, muddy (in a good way) brown that is the all around best bronzer I have ever used in my life. I also featured it in my Favourite Products of All Time (Face) post. Everyone raves about this product and there is a reason why. It is one of the most perfect matte bronzers out there. 

Swatches (in natural light): 
The Guerlain one is definitely one of the darker bronzers, and the lightest appears to be the Benefit Hoola bronzer. 

Swatches (with the room light on):

Hope you enjoyed my top 6 bronzers list. These are my best friends all year round!
What are your favourite bronzers? I love bronzers, and I am willing to try new ones so let me know!

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