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Top 5 Money Making Apps! (for Iphone and Android)

If you're like me, you love to find easy ways to make fast cash. Actually, I wouldn't consider it "fast cash" but more like, "cash I'm making on the side from doing easy work". Today's post I am going to introduce you to my all time favourite money making apps.

My love for finding these type of apps came when I started to coupon and collect free samples. If you haven't yet, and are interested in learning how to get free samples, click here. I was interested in finding easy ways to make a few bucks by doing simple tasks. Who knew there were so many options in the App store. I'm going to be naming my top 5 favourite money making apps. Most if not all, are available for download on Iphones and Androids.

5. Field Agent
Now I haven't necessarily used this app yet but I check almost everyday to see if there are any "jobs" available in my area. Taken directly from the Field Agent website, Field Agent is a system that connects people who need information with people who can provide it. To sum it up, you basically go to local retail stores or restaurants and do price checks, reviews, in store photos, etc. I want to say its kind of similar to being a secret shopper in a way. (Available for Apple and Android)

Numbers 4-2 are going to be a little repetitive but bear with me please! Snap Saves is an app that gives you cash back for your everyday purchases. To do this, you take your grocery bill, wherever you go grocery shopping, and snap a pic of the receipt. Every week they provide a list of items you can get cash back on, and if you have it on your receipt, they will process it and bam! Money into your app. When you reach the minimum amount needed to cash out, you can cash out! Easy money on things you buy everyday. Occasionally Snap Saves will have contests where you take a picture of a $40+ receipt and you get entered to win awesome prizes! (Available for Apple and Android)

Similar to Snap Saves with the same concept of taking pictures of your receipt to get cash back on certain items. I think Checkout 51 was one of the first apps to come up with this concept of cashback on everyday purchases, well at least it was one of the first cash back apps I downloaded. With many of these apps on hand, I can use all of them on the same receipt and get cash back on a variety of different items! (Available for Apple and Android)

Once again another similar app. I love Zweet the most out of the three because I've made the most money from it. I guess because recently they had items that I buy pretty often, so I made a couple bucks back from one shopping trip. (Available for Apple, coming soon to Android)

My all time favourite money making app. This is the one app that I recommend to EVERYONE. I tell all my family members to download it all the time, because its such an easy way to get money. The concept of Qriket has changed a bunch since I first downloaded it. Before the whole idea of it was to scan QR codes and you would either win money from certain codes, or get to roll a dice to possibly win money. Now the whole concept is different. (Available for Apple, coming soon to Android)

You are provided with 1 free spin a day, and 2-3 ads to watch to win "wands" which give you each a spin. Ads are usually under 30 seconds. Once you have your spins you hit play now and spin a wheel.

 The wheel is divided into two colours: blue and yellow. You pick blue or yellow and spin the wheel, if you land on your guess, you win! The cash amount ranges from 5 cents to sometimes even $10 that I've seen. 

There's a lot more about the app you can learn from the website that I have linked above, and its a lot easier to understand when you look at the app yourself. Trust me on this, it is such an easy and mundane task to do everyday, but I mean what is there to lose if you don't play? 

I've cashed out on this app about 3 times already (I know, I'm impatient), and in total so far I've made $75.50 in probably a span of 2 years? Of course I haven't spun everyday for two years, this is from doing it here and there whenever I remembered. If you go on the app you can even see that people have accumulated up to $2000, which is INSANE. I mean all you're doing is watching ads and spinning a wheel! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will find it helpful in finding good money making apps. You barely have to do any work and you can get a few easy bucks, its that simple! You don't have to work hard, you don't have to put in a lot of effort, and money will still come your way.

Do you know any great money saving apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Viggle is another great, mundane app where you earn points from watching TV! With those points you can cash them in for a variety of things from gift cards to actual objects. A frequent GC is to SEPHORA! What you do is when you are watching TV, you check in, it listens to your TV and finds what show you are watching. Voila- you get points. You can earn additional points by watching sponsored shows (EX. Scandal) or taking short quizzes!

    1. thanks for the comment! that sounds like an amazing app!


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