Monday, July 28, 2014

20 Music Festival Essentials

Going to Veld Music Festival this weekend? Or any music festival before summer ends? Todays post will be about 20 essentials you will need when you are going to a music festival. Enjoy and stay safe!

 Here is some, if not all the stuff I will be bringing to Veld. I decided to bring a backpack instead of a satchel since it can hold a lot more stuff and has a lot more compartments. I got this back a few years ago from Call It Spring

 1. Your Cellphone - Its important to bring your cell phone mainly because you may want to take pictures. haha. I mean because in case you lose your group of friends you can at least contact them. 
2. Water Bottle - Staying hydrated at outdoor events is crucial especially if you're going to be dancing and being active the whole time in the burning sun. I'm probably going to be bringing a way bigger water bottle so I don't have to make many trips to the water fountain to refill my bottle. 
3. USB Cord - To charge your phone!
4. External Battery Charger - I got this cute little external battery charger from Amazon. Its good for 3 full charges before you need to charge the battery itself. You can check it out here.
5. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera - Another way to capture your memories is by bringing this nifty polaroid camera. This camera instantly prints the pictures right after you take them. Convenient to share and give to your friends.

 6. Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - To all my oil skin friends. This is a must have. I get super oily after 3-4 hours, but after blotting my skin with this, my skin and make-up will look good as new.
7. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 55 - Next from water, sunscreen is very important when you're attending an outdoor event. The last thing you want to worry about is getting sunburned. Before I leave the house I will apply sunscreen, and these little bottles will just be for reapplying if it were to rain or I feel I need more.
8. Hand Sanitizer - We all know being outdoors can be dirty, but having porta-pottys and maybe not even a working sink? Don't forget this!
9. Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 60 - Its always good to have a back up of sunscreen. This one is also apparently waterproof and sweatproof! 

 13. Head/Hair Accessories - As a girl, I like to have many options. Of course I'm not bringing all of these, but like I said, I like to have options. The bottom floral headband was from Forever 21, the two middle ones I made myself. I got the Minnie bow headband from The Ex last year and the leather bow and striped bow were also from Forever 21. 

 14. Wallet - You're going to need your I.D and maybe some cash. I'll probably end up bringing a small card holder to hold my I.D and cash, no need to bring all my cards with me. 
15. Sunglasses - To protect those beautiful eyes from the sun. 
16. Wet Naps - In case you need to wipe your hands when you run out of sanitizer, or need to wipe your face, these are a good alternative.
17. Pressed Powder - I'm going to get so oily, so a pressed powder will be my best friend. 
18. Visine - My eyes get extremely dry after wearing contacts for more than 8 hours, this is for contact lense wearers!
19. Equate Ultra Soft Cloths - TMI but porta-pottys can run out of toilet paper, so bring your own. The premoistened ones are even better. Never know when you need to "freshen up" down there. HAHAHA. I'm serious though, it gets sweaty and warm, you never know when you need one! Pretty sure you can use it on any other part of your body too..

20. Your tickets/wristbands - How else are you getting in? 

Am I missing anything else that could be essential to bring to a music festival? 
Please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nice list! Great essentials, my faves are the instant camera and the super cute headbands


  2. Great list thanks!!! Will defo keep these in mind when I pack for veld! Perhaps an umbrella? Weather says it's gonna rain D:


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