Monday, July 14, 2014

Asian Beauty Products Haul

Prepare for a feast for your eyes, this is going to be a huge beauty haul. This isn't a normal beauty haul, it's going to be a asian beauty products haul! I'm so excited to show you guys what I got that I was even considering making this a video because I got so many things, but its so much more work to film and edit a video, than to photograph, edit and write a post hehe. I've put myself on a beauty ban for like the last 3 months and haven't really purchased anything new in make-up. If you haven't noticed, my last few blog posts for the past month or so haven't been a beauty haul for anything that I have personally went out and got. I decided to finally give in and buy some new stuff!

I went overboard. WAY overboard. Yesterday I went to Pacific Mall with my cousin and friend because recently, every time I went there with my dad for dim sum and we walked around, I noticed they had a lot of new make-up stores. Of course I would have to take my cousin with me, who also loves make-up and we went to town. If you don't know what Pacific Mall is, it is a huge asian shopping centre located in Markham, Ontario, Canada, full of random things from Korea, Japan, China, and more probably. When I say huge, I mean its pretty damn big. We spent about 4 hours in there and we only went through about 3/4 of the mall. I freaking splurged there. I guess a 3 month beauty ban kind of made me relapse on make-up. I sound like a drug addict haha. Ever since I first heard and tried products from The Face Shop, I had a new found love for Korean make-up. I guess Pacific Mall caught on to the trend and now they're opening up so many Korean brand make-up shops and its honestly like I died and went to heaven. On with the haul!

 Wow, yep this is gonna be a pretty long haul. Hope you enjoy!

From Holika Holika
 These are the three things that I picked up from a store called Holika Holika. They originate from Korea and have the cutest packaging for all their products. Actually, all Korean make-up always has cute or super pretty feminine packaging. I love it! 
1. Sweet Milk Tea Mask Sheet - I personally picked this mask sheet not because of what it does, but because it sounds delicious hahaha. Its suppose to be moisturizing and nourishing, which helps make your skin look radiant and luminous.
2. Rosy Peach Tea Mask Sheet - This sheet mask claims to help keep your skin looking healthy and clear.
3. Oil Queen Cotton Pact - This product caught my eye because it said "oil". I have really bad oily skin and I've been looking for anything and everything to help stop it. This pressed powder helps control oily skin and is also the cutest tiny compact ever.

From The Best Shop 
 The following items featured in the next few pictures was from "The Best Shop" which is located at the front entrance of the mall, the entrance with the stairs and escalator if anyone does seek to purchase these items. 
Blotting Sheets - Both packages are filled with blotting sheets. If you're an oily skinned person like me, you go through so many of these daily. Blotting sheets from drug stores or higher brands can get super pricey. Both of these were only about $2 each and theres at least more than 50 sheets per pack! 

 1. Bun Maker - This item literally looks like a large turd. Sorry for my immaturity. Anyway, its suppose to help you achieve the very popular sock bun. I can't do a sock bun if my life depended on it. I tried so many times, I even tried that foam circle and it just doesn't work for me! I hope this is my alternative because if it doesn't work, I think I will just give up on trying to do a sock bun.
2. Velcro Bow - This is actually and item that I have been trying to get for a while now. When you used to have velcro shoes, did you notice that one side was fuzzy and the other side was just loops. This is similar to the loops side but less thick and more flimsy. This is great to use when you're doing your make-up because your hair can get in your face and what not. I usually use a clip but that always leaves my hair in some weird shape. Using a velcro prevents dents and stuff in your hair, and its in a freaking bow shape! 

Not make-up ..
 I just wanted to add this because it was one of the things that I got from Pacific Mall. 
1. Morinaga Hi Chew Minis - If you ever tried Hi Chew candies, they are like the most addicting chewy fruit candies ever. They're essentially asian starbursts but very sweet and fruity. These are just a cute tiny version of them!
2. Grape Gumballs - These little gumballs defined my childhood and being at Pacific Mall. When I was younger and my grandparents or parents let me and my brother buy candy, we would always pick this one. This probably isn't the same brand, but it definitely tastes exactly the same. Oh, nostalgia. I think we probably always bought this gum because of the cool dispenser it came with. You just press on the top, which opens up a little door on the side to let the gumballs fall out. I remember when I was younger, I dug a hole in my front yard and buried a few of these because I thought I could grow a gumball tree. Jeez I was special.

From Phoenix 
 Phoenix is probably the only non-asian store in Pacific Mall. They sell mostly nail supply stuff and nail polish from OPI and China Glaze. They even carry NYX products! I decided to pick up a few nail stuff to display my nail polish colours.
1. Nail Sticks - As my nail polish collection grows, it becomes a lot harder to choose and find the right colour I want. With these nail sticks, I can paint the colour on the plastic nail, and write the name of the nail polish on the stick. The metal rod is to keep all the nails hung on it, and this way rather than swatching a bunch of colours, I can just look at my swatches and decide from there. 
Nail Wheel - This was going to be my way of swatching my new nail polishes or practicing nail designs.

 1. Medium Silver Squares - I wanted to get into nail design again but sadly they didn't have gold studs. I saw samples of how they used these studs on black nails and I love the punk rock look to it.
2. Small Silver Squares - Same thing as the big ones, but smaller.

Real Techniques Powder Brush - Definitely not an asian beauty product but I did find it at Pacific Mall! I was SO happy to see that suddenly Phoenix carried Real Techniques brushes and they had the exact one I wanted! I could of bought one for cheaper on Amazon (yeah I definitely could of, just checked) but I guess I just was too excited that I ended up buying it right there. At least I didn't have to pay or wait for shipping? hahah.

From Missha
I've actually never heard of the store Missha before nor its origination, but we were intrigued by the whole red and white store when we passed it. They carry numerous brands in their store under their company name.
Super Aqua Perfect Cleansing Tissue -  If you know me, you know I love using make-up wipes to remove my make-up. I got this spontaneously though while trying and swatching make-up products in store. I used it to wipe my hand and all the make-up came off effortlessly. I'm excited to try this on my face and maybe this will be my new favourite make-up wipe! 

1. Missha Easy Lip Brush - Nothing special. I just wanted to pick up a lip brush that had a lid so I could travel easily with it. 
2. Nose/Pore Exfoliating Brush - I'm not exactly sure if you're suppose to use this when you're washing your face but I'm assuming thats how it works. I got this exfoliating brush because I hate the fact that my make-up cakes up or gets super dry around my nose. It always happens no matter what I do. Hopefully this brush will help remove all the excess oil or dead skin around my nose to make my face look a little more flawless!

Missha Love Secret Hand Creams - I ended up picking these up right at the checkout because my cousin told me to smell them and I was in love. The green one smells exactly like grape candy. The pink one smells like roses but I find the smell not to be similar to roses. It seems to be a really sweet scent but I can't seem to put my finger on what the scent actually is. Its very pleasant though. These lotions are very fast drying, and the small convenient size will make it a great item to through in my purse.

M Prism Bronzing Powder - For the next 3 pictures you will see one of the main reasons I purchased this product. The exquisite packaging.

Just look at that golden sparkle.
Its one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! At Missha they had a lot of products with beautiful packaging but I fell in love with this the most. I would of went all out on their other stuff but I didn't want to go overkill on my money haha.

The inside: Besides the packaging, the shade of bronzer itself is awesome. Its almost an exact dupe of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, but it has a less orange tinge to it and has a more grey undertone when swatched. Perfect for contouring. If you want to check out my other favourite bronzers, click this link here.

What I love about going to these Korean stores is that they ALWAYS give out free samples. 

From The Face Shop
I actually did a Face Shop brand spotlight and haul which you can check out here.
1. Mung Bean Sheet Mask - When in The Face Shop the guy working there suggested that I tried this since I have very oily skin. This mask is effective for purifying pores and making your skin smooth.
2. Lemon Sheet Mask - This mask is for oily skin which also helps brighten dull skin.

1. The Face Shop Micro Cleansing Glove - I really enjoyed the Konjac Sponge I got from The Face Shop that I decided to try this cleansing glove as well. 
2. Core Seed Purifying Essence (Free Sample) 
3. Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream (Free Sample) - Apparently works great for oily skin types!

From Tony Moly
My cousin said that Tony Moly is known for their make-up with super cute packaging and animal packaging. I had to control myself from buying everything with cute packaging because I knew I didn't need it.
1. Tony Moly Make-up Remover Pump - As of recently, I've been putting my Bioderma cleanser in a spray bottle that I spritz onto cotton pads to remove my make-up. This will probably make my life a lot easier now.
2. Tony Moly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch - I was intrigued by this product because even since I was younger, I always had red cheeks. I don't even need to wear blush because of how red my cheeks are. Some may say thats a good thing, but nope it kind of looks like my face is always irritated all the time whenever I'm not wearing make-up. I hope this product does the job!
3. Tony Moly Perfect Dessert Mist (Peach) - I honestly have NO idea what this product is used for. Probably a perfume of some sort? Its literally the most delicious peach smelling spray. The smell is crazy strong though and it smells exactly like peach candy. Its pretty potent to be a perfume so if anyone owns this or knows what it does, let me know!
4. Tony Moly Berrianne Lotion (Sample)

Phew! You've finally reached the end of this huge haul! I'm so excited to try these products. I feel like as of recently I've been so into asian beauty products. I haven't bought anything from Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart in the longest time because I feel like everything is repetitive, and there hasn't been anything awesome, new, or exciting that I've wanted to try. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough?

What are some new products in the make-up world I should be trying right now?
What are other asian beauty brands I should be trying?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The Tony Moly products you mentioned look so cute! I love the cartoon packaging :) Also I'm obsessed with Real Techniques brushes!


  2. What an awesome bunch of products! Believe it or not although I'm in singapore and have great access to these brands I've only just started to buy things from etude house etc...Hope you love the face masks!


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