Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House of Lashes Haul

If theres one thing I really love about make-up, its false lashes. I have hundreds of lashes, yet I always end up buying more. I've only ever purchased lashes from Vietnam, Ardell, Kiss, and Sephora, so this is my first time talking about and trying a completely new brand.

House of Lashes offers 100% premium human hair and cruelty free lashes. Their lashes have the same high quality standards as high end brands such as MAC and Make Up For Ever. I first saw their lashes on Instagram. All over Instagram. So many IGers and Youtubers use lashes from this brand and I was always in love with how it completed their make-up looks. I purchased 4 pairs during their memorial day sale and it took about 3 weeks to arrive.

House of Lashes Haul

An aerial shot of the lashes I purchased.

 These ones are definitely my favourite out of the ones I have purchased. I love lashes that criss cross and are very full. These are one down from being the most dense and they flare out more at the ends. I probably will be wearing these ones to Veld! (if its not raining).

 One of the newer lashes in their collection, Starlet is an extremely dense pair of lashes. I would describe the style as heavy, tousled hair haha. The hairs of the lashes kind of go in all directions. Definitely not everyday lashes. 

 What I love about Noir Fairy is the many different tiers/layers of hair. This pair of lashes will make your eyes the focal point of your face, because they're just so long and luscious.

 These lashes are way different from anything I've ever owned or wore. Rather being full and thick throughout, the unstructured shape gives the lashes less density but a lot of length. I feel like these one could look pretty natural since they aren't so thick.

Some more shots:

I'm so excited to try out these lashes. I used to wear falsies EVERYDAY, but I decided to only wear them when I feel like I want to give my make-up look a little oomph. Do you know any other brands/companies that have awesome lashes? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. These are so shockingly beautiful! I love the fluttery, thick and curled qualities of these lashes!


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