Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy Bag

Hurrah my Ipsy Glam Bag actually came before my Topbox this month! What a surprise. This months glam bag was called "Sensationally Sunkissed".

July 2014 Ipsy Bag
 I've been really hating my lighting and photographing situation lately. I hated the way the pictures for this post turned out. Oh well, guess I'll have to live with it. Here is an overall view of what I received for this months Ipsy bag. 

If you do not know what Ipsy is, heres a short spiel. 
Ipsy is a beauty subscription service where you pay around $10 a month and receive 4-6 sample/deluxe samples/full sized products in reusable make-up bags. Products range from make-up, skin care, fragrances, beauty tools and hair products. Items are random and are supposedly suppose to fit you based on your "beauty quiz", or so I thought.

I hate this bag.
 I'm sorry to say but this is my least favourite Ipsy bag that I have ever gotten. Its so ugly. I'm sorry, but it is. Well at least I feel it is. I think the design for this bag is way too childish. I hate the way its stitched and the scalloped edges make it look so kid like. I guess it has more of the handmade look to it though.. if thats what they were going for .. 

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 - Deluxe Sample (Value $8?)
 I actually did not peak this time to see what I got in my Ipsy bag before it arrived. I was surprised to see that I got the bareMinerals eyeshadow duo! Its a super super cute tiny little mini deluxe sample.

 Everyone received the sample of "The Inspiration" duo, and this mini palette is about a third of the regular sized one. The colours are super cute and I love that it came with examples of how you can use both the colours to create two different looks.

Models Own It Nail Polish - Full Size ($8.50)
 I really don't like the colour. I don't see myself wearing this shade at all. Two coats of it makes a strawberry pink, with huge glitter chunks of it. Seems like something a 3 year old would enjoy though. 

Pur~Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer - Deluxe Sample ($16.50)
 Wow I actually had no idea how expensive this daily moisturizer was! I never used or heard of the brand Purlisse until now. I checked the website and a full size of this is $55! Damn! I am definitely excited to try this now haha.

Pixi Beauty Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink - Deluxe Sample (Value $12?)
 I've tried one or two of Pixi's products before and they never really wowed me. This product felt pretty nice on my lips and it has a faint mint scent. 

Clear Clinic Labs Vanished Spot Treatment - Deluxe Sample (Value $9?)
This was the only product that I was excited to see in my glam bag. Why you say? Because lately I've been stressing so much that I've been having extreme breakouts. The hot humid weather is not healping either. My skin is getting so oily and it cannot breathe! I hope this will help with my problem spots. I will definitely rebuy if it truly works!

Full Size Products: 1
Deluxe Size Products: 4
Samples: 0
Price for Bag: $10+tax/shipping=$16
Value of this months bag: $54?
Mel's Rating: 2.5/5
Pretty bad.

Okay, so why did I rate this bag so horribly compared to the rest? First reason was the bag itself. It was horrid. What does a bright neon pink with scalloped edges have to do with summer at all? The bag was poorly made and I highly doubt I am the only one who liked it. Second reason was the nail polish. I don't mind the occasional nail polish in my beauty subscriptions, but this one is a pretty horrendous colour. I doubt I will wear it and now it is a product gone to waste. I always try my best to use ALL the products I receive from subscriptions or as samples. The Pixi product I can live with, even though I don't think the brand is that great, and I'm super excited about the lotion and the spot treatment. If those two things weren't in this bag, this bag would get a big fat 0! 

Hope you enjoyed my little rant on this month's Ipsy bag, hope the next one will be a lot better! 

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