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July 2014 Topbox

Hello friends. This is my last Topbox review (as far as I know). I've been with Topbox for maybe about a full year I want to say? Not 12 months consecutively though. I have canceled my subscription in the past and joined again a few months ago. I've probably talked about it in my previous Topbox post on why I'm getting rid of this subscription. Lets start with the cons and we'll end off on a good note with the pros.

  •  If you love receiving sample size products, this box is for you. I love getting sample products, but I can get so many of them for free. Why am I paying 12 bucks a month ($13-15 with tax and such) for small samples? Occasionally they have full sized products which are a bonus, but they're never THAT amazing.
  • The value of the boxes are never over the top. I have another beauty subscription (Ipsy), and the value of the bag is always double, if not more than what you paid for.
  • You're guaranteed a product that doesn't work for you at all. Topbox doesn't really have a beauty profile of any sort to help make their boxes more customized. Young people get anti-aging products, people with fair skin tones get products that only work for darker skin tones. Its kind of a waste receiving a product you can't use. 
  • Customer service. This kind of is a con because I had to contact their customer service so many times because I never (rarely) received my tracking info for my box. BUT, their customer service is one of the best out of ANY company I've ever dealt with. They respond rather quickly through Facebook and their customer service emails. Thats one thing that I loved about dealing with Topbox. 
  • Something new. They always have products from many companies I have never heard of. They also deal with smaller beauty companies which is nice that they aren't always about the big name companies.
  • They have great value boxes. Besides the actual Topbox, they offer value boxes at crazy cheap prices with like 10 deluxe sized and full sized products. I have purchased one and won one in the past. Check out my unboxing posts here and here.
Unfortunately for now, I am unsubscribing with Topbox. Maybe once again in the near future I will subscribe again if they get even better, but time will tell.

July 2014 Topbox
 Before I get started, every month that you are with Topbox, you receive an email with a wishlist. On this wishlist is the current options for boxes along with the regular Topbox. This month you had an option to choose the regular Topbox, the Benefit Box, or some other boxes. I was interested in trying the they're real push up liner so I went with the Benefit Topbox. In the exclusive boxes they tell you what is in the box, but not for the regular boxes. I already knew what I was expecting and I have no idea what people got in the regular box. I hope my choice was worth it! I'm actually going to check right now and then report back to this post. (Okay, I made a good choice, the regular Topbox seemed super lame.

 The main reason I decided to go for a prive box this month was because of the push up liner. This product has so many mixed reviews and I had to try it for myself. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it hahahaha. I want it but I don't. Maybe because I can't justify spending $29 for an eyeliner when first of all, I have so many eyeliners, and second of all, I already know of one gel liner that is cheaper and awesome. (The L'oreal Infallible 24hr Gel Liner) I tried it and its actually a pretty amazing eyeliner. I get why people DON'T like it, but I see why people do. I am considering buying the full size so maybe I'll do a review on it in the near future.

The rubber tip.
 To get the product out I had to squeeze the rubber tube and the liner came out from the tip. Quite awesome I must say. 

 I've received this product before as a Sephora sample I think, and I had no idea that it was a primer for your concealer too. That's actually pretty awesome. I've only used it as a eyeshadow primer and I did enjoy the formula. I am definitely going to put this on my undereye area as well and see how well it keeps my concealer on all day. 

 I actually had about 4 samples of this mascara before so I'm not that excited about this product. Its an amazing mascara though, but I just have too many of them to be happy about getting another one haha. It works amazing in seperating and making your lashes dark and fuller. 

I've been hearing a lot of bad reviews about this product so I'm not sure how I feel about receiving it. The push up liner dries so well that it was so hard to take off with my regular eye make-up remover. If this does the job well, maybe I'll consider purchasing it. I love liquid eye make-up removers, and using make-up wipes. I've never really been a fan of gel removers but I'll give this a shot. 

Full Size Products: 0
Deluxe Size Products: 4
Samples: 0
Price for Bag: $12
Value of this month's bag: $22.50
Mel's Rating: 3.5/5
Could of been better.

I hope you guys enjoyed my last Topbox. I'm considering finding a new subscription box to try, but for now, look forward to seeing only Ipsy bags! Bye for now!

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  1. I do agree ipsy is a better value box! I do want to try this as well, think I will pop to a counter and see how it works before I spring for the whole one as they do seem to be a bit hit or miss! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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