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MAC Kelly and Sharon Osbourne Collection (AND Bonus Huge Mac Haul!!)

Once again here I am about to make excuses for why I didn't post on Monday. Well, my reason is because I've been painting and I was a bit lazy. Lets hope this HUGE Mac haul will make up for it!! Be prepared, this post is gonna be picture heavy!! I'm a little late on the blogging game for this collection but I didn't receive it until recently. My aunt all the way from Winnipeg offered to pick up some stuff from MAC for me because her daughter (aka my cousin) works at MAC. So sweet of them to offer to get me a few things! I'm so grateful that my family cares enough to know I have a passion for make-up and help me in my potential journey in going into make-up school. Anywho, this is a haul of the Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collection from Mac. There will also be a huge MAC haul because my cousin is awesome and gave me some stuff from her make-up collection, in which I will cherish dearly! I love MAC but my collection of products from them are fairly small, so its nice to now have so many different products to try and love. Let us begin!

Drum roll please .... 

Taa-daa! How not exciting was that?
I love the colours for this collection. Bright red and a beautiful lilac! The items in the red packaging are from the Sharon Osbourne Collection, and the lilac packaging is the Kelly Collection. 

Sharon Patentpolish Pencil in "Innocent" ($25.50) (Left)
Sharon Tinted Lipglass in "Bijou" (Right)
For most of this post I won't be linking the products because unfortunately as with all Mac limited edition collections, most of the products are sold out! 

I don't know why they called the lip pencil a pencil, because its more similar to a lip crayon. The texture is very smooth and the colour itself is very sheen. This is actually the first lipglass that I own from Mac. I'm not very fond of the sticky texture but the colour is gorgeous. A subtle but vibrant pink.

Kelly Osbourne Lipstick - Dodgy Girl {matte finish} (left)
Kelly Osbourne Lipstick - Kelly Yum Yum {satin finish} (right)
I was most excited about these two items from both of the collections. The lipstick shades are to die for. I mean seriously, purple packaging and super bright lip colours?!

Check out the beautiful pigmentation on these babies. I am so in love with dodgy girl! Its the perfect lilac colour without being too pastel-y? Chalky is probably the word I'm looking for? Anyway its a very wearable purple lipstick! Kelly Yum Yum is suppose to be similar to MAC's Candy Yum Yum but less vibrant and more wearable. I am a huge fan of magentas so this will be a colour I will be wearing often! 

Regular MAC product haul!! (at least I believe most of these are still sold in stores?)
I already felt spoiled enough getting all the items I wanted from the Osbourne collection, and yet on top of that my cousin offers to give me some of her MAC make-up! As I said earlier, I don't have a large collection of MAC products so this is a super awesome treat for me.

Sharon Osbourne Powder Blush - Peaches and Cream (Left)
Okay so anything I put a price on is still available on the MAC website, or is a regular item. At first glimpse both these blushes look super similar but once you swatch them you see the true pink tones. These are the first two MAC blushes I own! 

The Sharon blush is much more of a dark pink and the other is a very pale muted pink. 

Unfortunately, I could not find neither of these palettes on the MAC website. The one to the left is called the Shop and Drop palette though.
I only own one MAC eyeshadow which I recently purchased from the Alluring Aquatic collection. You can check out that post here. MAC eyeshadows are amazing. They are extremely pigmented and they have an awesome colour pay off. The texture is so fine and velvety, I am in love! I think the only reason I never buy MAC eyeshadows is because I love buying eyeshadows in big palettes. I'm a sucker for cute/pretty/chic eyeshadow palette packaging.

Here are the swatches from both palettes. I added the names of the eyeshadows just in case anyone was wondering and wanted to check out if MAC carries them in store still. 

I fell in love with this product the first time I swatched it in store. Its the most beautiful iridescent peach bronze shade and if I could marry it I would. Now I don't know if MAC changed its packaging for all its powders, but this is a pretty awesome looking package. Instead of a button and clasp holding it together, its kept closed by a magnet now. This was one of the products I asked for and I'm so happy to own it now.

(From left to right)
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in "Superb"
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Perfectly Poised"
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft and Gentle"
  Superb was actually from the limited edition Magnetic Nude collection from last year. Its a very shimmery beige-brown. Perfectly poised offers two colours, the smaller lighter shade being a shimmery pearlescent colour, and the bigger section being a very peach/orange toned shimmer.


(From left to right)
MAC Lipstick in "Heart to Heart" {cremesheen finish}
MAC Lipstick in "All Fired Up" {retro matte finish}
MAC Pro Longwear Lip Creme in "Booyah!!!"
I was ecstatic to see lipsticks in the package I received and all in shades I don't own! 

MAC heart to heart was actually from a gift set from MAC, and is described as a coral pink. At first look I thought All Fired Up would be very red but its actually a pretty reddish pink. I'm a bit hesitant on Booyah because I've never worn orange lipstick before, because I feel like coral/orange looks weird on me. I'll give it a shot anyways and let you guys know how I like it.

MAC Fluidline in "Little Black Bow"
This is also the first time I will be trying out a MAC gel liner and I'm super excited to use this colour. I've always gone with black eyeliners but this metallic silver/grey is super pretty and I feel it could go well with a dark smokey eye or even everyday wear when applied with a light hand.

It is a very shimmery grey/black and glides on ever so smoothly.

Hope you enjoyed my super long MAC haul! Sorry there were so many pictures, there was just so much to talk and show to you guys! 

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    1. They really are, Kelly Yum Yum (the pink one) is currently my favourite lipstick for summer!

  2. Love the lipstick colours and that glittery eyeliner is amazing, great buys!!


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