Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Nail Polishes

Why hello again. Today's post is going to be on my top favourite nail polish colours to wear this summer. I feel like this summer is all about being bold and bright. Actually, almost ever summer is all about that! Here is a collection of 9 of my favourite shades to wear this summer.

I noticed that a lot of the shades I chose are very warm toned and orange-y, pinkish. Thats what I feel summer is represented by though!

1. Urban Outfitters " Hot Tub": This was one of the first of many Urban Outfitters nail polishes that I owned. It caught my eye because it is just the perfect neon pink. Perfect for that pop of colour. This nail polish has more of a matte finish which I don't mind. 
2. Essie "Peach Daiquri": I received this nail polish from one of my limited edition Topboxes and its absolutely beautiful. It photographs as a bright red but its more of a deep reddish magenta. This is one of the colours that would make your hands look super tanned. 
3. Sally Hansen "Get Juiced": I really need to find a better lighting source. This colour reminds me of a nice cold watermelon slushie/smoothie on a hot summer day. The colour is very similar to watermelon juice when you juice it. I really don't know how else to describe it haha. 

4. Nailtini "Mai Tai": I've actually received this colour from one of my previous Ipsy bags. Some of you may not have heard of this brand, but oh man is the nail polish amazing. I only need ONE coat of polish and it covers your whole nail perfectly. This is a gorgeous sunset orange. 
5. OPI "In My Back Pocket": This colour is a more pale/tangerine orange. If you're not into really bold colours, this is still a fun and flirty colour, but not over the top like Mai Tai. 
6. OPI "Tutti Fruitti Tonga": This shade used to be one of my all time favourite OPI colours besides "Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore". I would describe this colour as a nude/pale cotton candy pink, with a pearlescent finish.  

Everything Else
7. Essie "Bikini So Teeny": A very popular and well known Essie polish from the Summer 2012 line, this polish is a crowd pleaser. Its the most adorable periwinkle/sky blue colour. Would pair well with a white nail design or one white nail. Subtle colour for the summer.
8. Urban Outfitters "Ringo": This is one of my favourite yellows that I own. Its super vibrant, almost like a highlighter yellow. As unpleasant as that sounds, its an awesome colour.
9. Zoya "Jacqueline": Lastly I decided to add an off white shade to my summer nail polishes. If you're not the one to go bold, or need a more conservative shade for your workplace, this is a very professional, chic cream coloured polish.

Now for some swatches in different lighting. Until I get my lighting situation fixed, I feel like my camera is not picking up the right colours, or is making everything I photograph not true to its colour. Sad.

Taken in my Photo box.

Taken outside the photo box. 

What are your favourite summer polishes? Let me know!


  1. I agree with the selection of Mai Tai from Nailtini! (I have the same one from ipsy too!) Such a pretty color. I wanna pick up one of the Essie polishes you recommended. Not sure which one yet though... Hmm... :)

    1. peach daiquiri is a beautiful colour, im sure you would really enjoy that!


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