Friday, July 25, 2014

Walmart Haul (Make-Up & Junk Food)

This is new. A haul but from Walmart? YES. Okay so I never really buy make-up and stuff from Walmart anymore UNLESS theres a sale, so these were an exception. Every week me and my brother go grocery shopping for ourselves and I always check the make-up section to see if their are any good deals. Heres a few things I picked up, including lots of junk food. Enjoy!

Its small, but awesome.

I'm a junk food junkie.
Lets be real here. How can you possibly resist awesome snacks? I have a problem. Seriously.
1. Chips Ahoy! Birthday Cake - When Birthday Cake Oreos first appeared at Walmart Canada last year, I was so glad I tried it. My life was forever changed. I was so sad to see them gone since they were there only a short amount of time, but now I know that they are a regular item at Target Canada (hopefully). I saw these and had to get it. THEY ARE AMAZING. A little too sweet but holy moly they are almost as good as birthday cake oreos. I love that they're chewy and not the hard cookies. Awesome sauce.
2. Double Dutch Calamari and Tzatziki Chips - At first glance, you either have two emotions. Disgust or curiosity. I was so curious the first time I saw these, and was hesitant to get them. Boy, am I sure glad I tried them. These are for now, my all time favourite chip flavour. Its very savoury and VERY flavourful. Definitely not a type of chip that you finish in one sitting. (Not saying I do that..)

 1. Strawberry Aero - I've been an on and off fan of Aero, and the last time I probably ate one was when they were just a chocolate bar that was split into like 5-6 pieces? I didn't even know they changed how Aero looked. I was intrigued to try a strawberry flavour one so why not.
2. Nestea Mango Green Tea - I love Nestea, and I love mangoes. Sounds promising.

Make-up Stuff
1. Kiss Ever EZ Lashes #11 - I'm in love with these lashes. They may look super dramatic to some of you, but I feel they are pretty natural, and make your eyes just look very feminine and pretty. For $13, this 5 pack of lashes is basically a steal.
2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Medium - I'm not a huge fan of BB creams because lately my face has not been cooperating, so I've been needing foundations with full coverage. For a BB cream, this stuff has amazing buildable coverage without looking cakey. I picked it up mainly because it was SPF 30, and its extremely lightweight, and I will be needing it for next week when I go to Veld Music Festival. I've been looking for a new lightweight foundation/BB cream, and I think this is a winner.

1. Pure Ice Nail Polish - I have way too many nail polishes, but you can never have enough of a basic black. Self explanatory, black nail polish is essential to me. For 2 bucks you can't go wrong.
2. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Diva Red (500) - I picked this lipstick up because it was on sale, and I can't say no to a beautiful dark red. I'm not a super huge fan of bright reds, but give me a dark red and I will wear it forever. My all time favourite fall shade is berries and dark reds, woooooo I love fall.

What kind of post do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments below :) 


  1. I love the colour of that lipstick. As person who bought their first red lipstick this year, I'm getting quite partial to them :)

    ~ K

    1. thanks i love it too! I only started loving bright and bold colours for maybe about a year now. its a bit of getting used to but once you feel comfortable and confident in it, you feel unstoppable!

  2. BIRTHDAY CAKE CHIPS AHOY? That's next on my to-snack list. Birthday cake oreos are my favorite. Actually, anything birthday cake flavored is. Also, I would love to see a post with a look featuring your new products!

    1. thanks for the comment cathy! I will definitely be making a look with all these products soon!

  3. You had me at junk food. Stuff over in the US seems far more exciting than it does in the UK! I also really like the mug in your profile picture - I found your blog today and you have a new follower! :-)

    1. thanks for following charley, i will definitely be checking out your blog and following back :) I actually live in Canada but I agree with you, the US always does have better stuff! Canada has only a small portion of the awesome things the US has, especially in the make-up and snacks category. thanks for your comment!

  4. I wish we had birthday cake chips ahoy in england, getting the regular ones is difficult enough, I'm so jealous!

    S xo.


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