Monday, July 7, 2014

What's in my Makeup Bag?

Okay, I am done with my excuses to why I been lacking blog posts. Last night I stayed up til about 6am reading The Fault In Our Stars because I wanted to finish the book and watch the movie today. I loved the book so much. I was like to my boyfriend "I thought this was a sad book but I haven't even cried once yet!" Literally a few minutes after saying that I was bawling my eyes out for the last few chapters of the book. I haven't had time to finish the book because I've been busy painting my house. Finally finished it and caught the 4:20 movie today and all I have to say was mehhhh. As with all movies based on novels, the book was way better. The movie itself was good, but of course it missed out on a lot of parts of the book which made me feel like there was too many plot holes. Okay, on to what this post is really about!

First of lets start off with the bag. This is a bag I got from La Senza (lingerie store) during Boxing Day I believe. It was sometime around the holidays and it was a free gift with purchase. I love La Senza make-up bags, they're very good quality and they're always so sparkly and girly. 

These are items that I don't use regularly (except for one of them), so I always keep these in my purse in case I ever need them. They're essentially back up products if I forget to bring my make-up bag with me if I'm sleeping over somewhere or going out. 

 Face Products
 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in "Medium Deep" ($37) - This is one of the top face powders that I use daily and I absolutely love it. It provides great coverage and makes my skin look flawless.
Nars Illuminator in "Copacabana" ($36) - One of my favourite highlighters/illuminators which I featured in "My Top 5 Favourite Highlighters" blog post.
Face It Radiant Concealer ($17)  - This was featured in my The Face Shop Haul and Brand Spotlight  post and at one point it was my favourite concealer. On one end it has a liquid concealer which you can apply with the doe foot applicator. The other end is a concealer stick shaped like a lipstick. This has been bumped to my make-up bag concealer because the fact it is dual ended and convenient to carry around.
ELF Kabuki Brush ($6) - I'm pretty sure this is an Elf kabuki brush but the name on the brush actually rubbed off. This is a cute little brush that is convenient to carry in your make-up bag because of its convenient size.

Eye Products
L'oreal Infallible Blackbuster Eyeliner - I wouldn't say this is the best eyeliner pen, but it works pretty well for touching up your eyeliner. 
MAC Zoom Fast Mascara - I haven't used this mascara yet and I put it in my bag because its the perfect miniature size for my make-up bag. 
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner - I've used this eyeliner many times and its pretty decent. This is a sample size that I got from an eyeliner set from Sephora.  

Everything Else
Buxom Full On Lip Cream in "White Russian" ($23) - One of my all time favourite lip glosses ever. Buxom lip polishes/creams are freaking awesome. "White Russian" in particular is my favourite shade. Whenever I need a little gloss or colour on my lips, this is my definite go to. 
ROC Enydrial Lip Balm  - This is the lip balm I love to use before I go to bed. Its a bit on the thicker side for an everyday lip balm but it does a good job keeping your lips moisturized. 
Lashgrip Eyelash Adhesive - This isn't the best eyelash glue to use, but since it is just for emergencies I felt this would be suitable for my make-up bag in case my lashes are falling off. 
Nivea Lotion - I got this cute little tin from Nivea from their Mother's Day contest. Its actually super flat which makes it super compact and light to carry around.
A comb - because sometimes you gotta comb your hair haha.

So what do you keep in your make-up bag?

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  1. I've tried that eyeliner before and it was absolutely awful :( Great post though!!



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