Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why I Hate Painting Now - Life Post #1

I don't know if this will be a series I will continue, but maybe I will continue it, just to keep my own I guess, online diary? I mean isn't that what normal people do, keep their diaries online so the whole world could read it? Kidding. I just need a place to rant and vent my feelings at the moment and I felt this would be a great place. My own blog. My own place where I can say whatever I want and talk about how I feel. Isn't that what blogging is about? Being able to express yourself, whether it be through words or pictures? I feel like I could achieve that with vlogging, but I hate being on camera most of the time. My Youtube account is like my part time friend, whereas my blog is my best friend. We're inseparable.

Anywho, onto the reason why I felt like I wanted to write this post. If you've been a constant reader for my blog, then congrats for still continuing to read my blog! I really appreciate that people actually take their time out of their days to read my blog posts. It even makes me extremely happy to hear that even some of my friends read my blog posts, and when they acknowledge or talk about it in person, for some reason I get so embarrassed about it. Its nice hearing that people appreciate what you have to say about random shit haha. Wow I really went off on a whim here, because I didn't even get to the real reason I wrote this post yet. OKAY SERIOUSLY. I hate painting. I DESPISE painting now. I know, I made a whole "House Painting How To's" series, which you can see here and here. I never finished the series or showed anyone how my room turned out because I got carried away with it all. In the beginning I talked about how I was painting my whole house because my mom is planning to sell it. I didn't think I was literally going to paint my whole house myself though. I was so tired and angry and stressed ALL THE TIME. I mean, there is only so much ONE person could do. I got the occasional help here and there but it was kind of annoying to be doing so much work and not having time for anything else. That is why my blog posts have been late or non existent!

The one thing about painting that pissed me off so much was painting my moms room. My moms room is pretty freaking huge and I had to paint it myself. My boyfriend was going to help me but then something came up and he didn't end up helping me. Anyway thats not the reason why I hate painting. It was the fact that I was painting in a room still filled with furniture, so I couldn't use the extending roller to paint, and had to keep getting up and down from a stool to reach high and low.

It took me 8 hours to finish ONE coat in the whole room. That included edging in the walls, and then rolling the rest. The walls looked pretty shit because they needed one more coat for the colour to really show through. The walls used to be like a brown/pale pink colour and we went for a dark green, almost brown colour. My mom came home from work and said she didn't like how dark it was. And I was like, "NO mom, I'm done with painting, I think I'm gonna freak out now." and I totally did freak out. I did not just spend 8 hours of my life painting a room for you to hate the colour. We waited for the morning to see if she really did hate the colour. The next morning when I woke up, I had lunch and then she told me how she hated the colour and she wants me to paint it a different colour. She agreed to help me, but oh my gosh it was another day I had to paint and I wanted to just die. My mom ended up choosing a yellow colour called Pale Honey from Behr at Home Depot and then we went home to start painting. It took us 8 hours. To paint the whole room twice and also paint the doors and the trim of the whole room.

I decided to spend a day or two at my boyfriends after painting and just came home today. My mom then tells me "your step dad hates the colour, we are changing it." I had no words. THAT WAS 16 HOURS OF MY LIFE I WAS NEVER GOING TO GET BACK!! She told me that I didn't have to paint it though so thank god. Honestly, I was furious though because I painted her room freaking twice and the colour isn't even the one they wanted. What I hated most about this all is that this could of all been avoided if WE PAINTED SWATCHES. I made a whole blog post about it too here. I only made paint swatches for my own room because I thought I was only painting and choosing colours for my own room. Nope, I ended up choosing ALL the colours for each room in the whole house. My mom decided on the green colour for her room, but we didn't know that it would turn out so dark. She also chose the yellow colour but we didn't know my step dad would have a problem with it. So now its apparently going to be some blue colour. Anyway yep, thats my whole rant about why I hate painting and if I ever have to paint my next room or any room in my future house, I'm going to make my significant other do it, or hire someone to do it. Its so overly time consuming. It was fun painting my whole room, but a whole house? NOOOPPE. Anyways, kudos to those who actually paint houses for a living. I've been doing it for about a month and a half now and I absolutely do not enjoy it at all.

That was actually a pretty long rant. I doubt anyone will be willing to read this far into this post haha. Yeah, well, am I the only one who's complaining about painting though? I guess it was fun when I wanted to do it, but once I HAD to do it, the fun was over.

On a happier note, things I've been loving lately:
Plain t-shirts - For the last few months, I've been enjoying wearing plain v neck t-shirts. Literally just a plain shirt. With leggings or jean shorts. Yep, thats my sad plain life lately. I feel like I've given up on looking cute HAHA. Best and super inexpensive t-shirts I've bought like 20 of recently are from Forever 21. These ones here.
Reading - I used to enjoy reading occasionally in high school and started to read again recently. I just finished The Fault In Our Stars and am now starting to read Paper Towns also by John Green.
MAC Kelly Yum Yum - I always thought that super pink lipstick made my teeth look really yellow and gross, but this lipstick looks awesome on me! I love it so much, probably will be wearing it often since I dress so plain Jane recently.

Does anyone hate painting as much as I do?
Sorry for the lame/lack of posts recently, I promise by next week things will be back to normal!
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