Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Bad Beauty Habits

Am I the only one in the world who has terrible beauty habits? Its so difficult sometimes to abide by the "beauty rules", and I break the rules a little too often. These are basically things I do that people in the beauty community would probably get heart attacks knowing I did this. Today I will be letting you all know what my bad beauty habits are. We aren't perfect human beings. We all make mistakes, and we all need to learn from them! If you have any suggestions to help make me break my bad beauty habits, please feel free to let me know in the comments. I need all the help I can get haha.

One: Probably my worst beauty habit that I cannot for the life of me change; I pull on my lid when I do my eyeliner. I just can't change that, no matter what everyone says to me. I applied eyeliner ONCE decently without pulling my lids but its just not the same. As we all know, pulling at your lids can lead to premature wrinkles, and we don't want that. Please help!

Two: Picking at my lips. This is one of the habits I've carried on since I was little. My lips get dry so easily and once I feel that its dry I start peeling them. In the past few years though, I started carrying lip balm with me literally 24/7. I always had my phone and lip balm in hand no matter where I was. In the past few months though, I haven't had a lip balm that I loved enough to carry around with me, which has led to me not wearing any lip balm anymore. Now begins the lip peeling. My habit did stop for the few years I decided to always have lip balm, but its starting again and I'm worried! Its a hard habit to break. Do you have any good lip balm recommendations? One that isn't too thick!

Three: Touching/picking my face. My mom always asks me why I'm breaking out so much. Before it was mainly due to stress, but now that my life has changed over the few months I'm actually stress free now. Yet, I still am breaking out so much? I narrowed it down to these three things: I don't drink enough water, I keep touching/picking at my face, and I don't wash my brushes often. Whenever I have a pimple or a bump on my face, my first reaction is to touch it, for whatever reason. And eventually, the pimple/acne/oil is all over my face now. One of the worst things to do if you're a face toucher like me, is to touch your hair too. Your hair has a lot of oils, and when you touch your hair and then your face, you're just putting the oil all over you. Thats why I started clipping up my bangs whenever I'm home so I don't get pimples on my forehead. Need. To. Resist. Touching. Face.

Four: Not washing my face properly. I mentioned this in my most recent post about My Night Time Skincare Routine that when I'm feeling lazy, I cut my skincare routine in half. Rather than actually cleansing my face and washing it, I just use eye make-up remover, a make-up wipe, some Bioderma and call it a night. I know for a fact that my face still has make-up residue all over it, but because I'm lazy, I won't go wash my face. This is a habit that I'm slowly learning to break, but I'm one of those people who has to see the results of face washing everyday, to believe its worth it LOL.

Five: Maintaining a clean, cut appearance (grooming?). My eyebrows go wild and look super untamed within 4-6 weeks after getting them waxed and tweezed. I hate tweezing my own eyebrows. Am I the only one? Not only do I hate it, I suck at it. It hurts when I do it, and I never get used to the pain. My mom has been doing my eyebrows since the day I learned that eyebrows need to be shaped and groomed. She seems to be able to tweeze my eyebrows without it hurting AT ALL. Weird. Another thing about this point is dying my hair. I get extremely lazy when it comes to dying my hair and getting my roots touched up. I have naturally black hair and my hair currently is a light brown. My roots grow out and are noticeable within 2 months of my first dye, and I don't go dye it until maybe 4-6 months after. I figured I should just dye my hair black, but I feel its such a boring look on me.

Six: Combing my hair.  Yep, I don't comb my hair. UNLESS, its right after I shower. Its not that I'm lazy, I feel like I don't have a need for it. When I wake up in the morning, I go brush my teeth, apply make-up, get dressed, and I'm ready for the day. The last thing that would ever cross my mind would be doing my hair or even combing it. My hair surprisingly doesn't look half bad when I don't comb it.

Seven: Peeling my nails. Not biting, peeling. I like to pick at the nooks and crannies of my nails and peel off layers or chip them right off. This habit has been with me since I was a child. No matter how much milk I drink, cheese I eat, nail strengthener I use, my nails are ALWAYS brittle. As you already know, lazy me will not bother filing my nails to all the same shape, and paint them anyways. Thats why I barely paint my nails, because I know for a fact I will peel them anyway. I prefer wearing acrylic nails for the sole purpose of being unable to grow long ones.

What are your bad beauty habits?

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