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Memebox Unboxing - #15 Waterproof Makeup

Here again with another Memebox unboxing!!! What I love most about Memebox is that every single item you get is a surprise. No major hints to what you will be getting besides the main theme of the box. The box I will be showing you today is the "Waterproof Makeup" box. Before I go into detail with what will be featured inside, lets give our new readers an insight to what Memebox is all about.

Memebox is currently one of the biggest online beauty retailers in Korea, and they specialize in curating these awesome non-subscription boxes. You choose which box sounds appealing to you, and each box will have 5-6 deluxe/full sized products!

The "Waterproof Makeup" box that I purchased is loaded with only makeup items that passed their "all-proof test". On the card that was provided in the box, it states that the products in this box defy the laws of makeup with its all-day long lasting staying power. I'm excited to test it out thats for sure!

Lets begin this unboxing!

Packed full of goodies! The first Memebox I got was mainly skin care products, so I'm SO excited for this one since it will be mostly makeup!! If you want to check out my previous box, you can click here.

Each Memebox comes with a product card, which is crucial to keep because it has all the product descriptions and how to use the products on it. Unless you can read Korean, you're going to need to keep the product cards! 

Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream 40ml - Full Size ($24)
I think its a known fact that Koreans have one of the best BB creams on the market (or so I've heard), so I'm happy to have received this in my box. 
Product Description: The illite powder component of the BB Cream works to adhere tightly onto enlarged pores, covering and evening them out into a very neutral and brighter tone. This BB cream not only contains anti-wrinkle, brightening, UV protection functions, but it also makes your skin look most natural and supple, as if you just applied a moisturizer. 
Wow, it does it all doesn't it??

Y.E.T Mission Impossible Lip Marker 1.7g - Full Size ($12)
 I am a bit iffy about this one because of the colour, but we will have to just try it on first before we judge!
Product Description: Highly waterproof and long-lasting, the Mission Impossible lip market glides smoothly and leaves a radiant yet naturally-gradated stain on your lips. It's rich in avocado oil, rosehip extracts, and macadamia oil, and thus mantains your lips moist and supple as well.
Its hard to believe that this marker will be waterproof AND be able to keep your lips moisturized as well. Most stains/matte lipsticks always dry out my lips, but I guess we will have to see. If you want a full review on this product, just let me know in the comments! 

 I'm not a huge fan of coral/orange-red lipsticks, so I don't know how good this will look with my skin tone and my teeth. Orange toned lippies tend to make my teeth look so yellow :(

Cheek Room Curl and Long Lash Mascara 8g - Full Size ($9)
 Can't go wrong with waterproof mascara!
Product Description: Cheek Room's famous Curl and Long Lash Mascara will add volume and strength to your short, thin eyelashes (how did they know?!) for a long-lasting, perfectly waterproof finish. The olive oil and resin components allow it to apply smoothly with a silky finish without clogging the lashes.
Okay I am definitely going to be testing this for sure. If you haven't seen my most recent post about my top 10 mascaras you need to try, you can click this link here, and see my super short lashes and the mascaras in action. 

A closer look at the wand:
I am a huge fan of thin wands compared to hourglass or any other shape. It seems to work better for me, so this seems promising. 

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 06 Shimmer Peach 4g - Full Size ($17)
 Sweet! Upon opening this up, I thought it was just an eyeshadow crayon, but its a blush too?
Product Description: When blended in with a darker colour shadow and liner, Croquis' waterproof, cream-type crayon can create a shimmery peach gradation eye makeup! It smoothly glides onto your eye and contours, giving it a nice, silky finish without being clumpy or sticky. 

 A very shimmery peach/pink.

Colour Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller 0.5g - Full Size ($10)
 Not too excited about this because I recently did get a teal coloured liner from an Ipsy bag not too long ago.
Product Description: Colour Bucket is the new brand launched by Touch in Sol - a very famous Korean makeup brand renown for being in charge of numerous K-Pop idols' makeup! This "geller" is a waterproof, gel-type of eyeliner that comes in 10 different pop-up colours and glides onto your eyelids smoothly with an extremely long-lasting finish. 

 After I swatched it, the finish on it feels like it wouldn't be a waterproof type of liner. It feels too creamy, but I suppose I should let it set first before testing.

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block SPF 50+PA+++ Pink 40ml - Full Size ($15)
Can I just say, this is the cutest packaging I have ever seen for a sun block?! Its so feminine and whimsical. 
Product Description: Enesti's new UV Cut Sun Block is not only waterproof with a strong UV protection level, but it is also highly effective in toning out excess sebum and enlarged pores. Its gentle formula based on green tea and rosemary extracts works as a strong protective agent against the sun and other external toxins.
I've never heard of a sun block that also has skin benefits such as toning out excess sebum. I always hated the feeling of sunscreen and the smell too, so if this sunscreen will reduce my oiliness, then I am sold!

Memebox Verdict:
Full Size Products: 6
Deluxe Size Products: 0
Sample Size Products: 0
Price of Box: $23.99(+$6.99 shipping) / NO SUBSCRIPTION
Value of Box: $87!
Pretty amazing! 

I am quite happy with the products that appeared in this Memebox. I've heard around the beauty community that Memeboxes are suppose to all have a value of 100+ dollars, so it was a bit disappointing to see it was a bit under. Pft, who cares, I still got a box with $87 bucks, and only paid $30 bucks for it!

Anywho, Memebox is arguably one of the best subscription boxes out there, since you choose which box you want, and there is no monthly charge for it. You pay for the boxes YOU want!

Purchase a Memebox here.

Want to see a full look with all the products featured in this post?
Let me know in the comments :)

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