Friday, August 15, 2014

Top 10 Mascaras You Need to Try

This is going to be one super lengthy post, so I hope you've prepared your eyes for lots of photos and reviews! Today I will be talking about ten (yes, ten!) mascaras that you need to try. All the mascaras featured in this post range from drugstore to high end, so it will fit any budget depending what you are looking for. 50% of the mascaras I'm reviewing are deluxe samples and 50% are full sized. Regardless, they have the same brush as the full size so it does not matter what so ever. 

For this review I will be focusing on what the mascara does, the texture of the wand, how well it works on bottom lashes, formula, and ease of use. I tried to photograph every single mascara on my eye, but bare with me because my digital camera sucked at super close up shots, so I ended up using my Iphone 5 camera hahahaha. I hope it still looks okay. WARNING: if you are creeped out by close up pictures of eyes, this probably isn't a post you want to look at then. Okay lets start!

The mascaras are not placed in any particular order. I chose not to rank them since everyone is looking for a certain need when it comes to mascaras, so no one will like the same thing. Sadly, my eyelashes are non-existent so I don't know if you will be able to tell a difference when you see the mascara used on my eyes. Enjoy anyways! 

No Mascara
This is a photo of my eye with no mascara, but I did curl my lashes. Look how sad and short they are. I always love wearing falsies because of my sparse lashes, but I do occasionally try to wear mascara instead now.

Only one coat was applied to each swatch of mascara on my eyes. I did this to avoid clumpiness and I wanted to see how the product worked if I was only using it lightly. 

I recently got this from my August Ipsy bag and I am so happy I have it. 
What it does: Lengthens and blackens your lashes. 
Wand: Very thick soft bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Yes, no mess.
Formula: Wet, cream consistency. 
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 10
Overall: Probably one of my favourites now.

I've actually had so many samples of this mascara that I never had to buy a full sized one. 
What it does: Adds volume and length.
Wand: Very fine soft bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Favourite mascara for bottom lashes.
Formula: In-between wet and dry. 
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 10
Overall: If you're looking for au naturale lashes, this mascara is for you.

Again, another mascara I've never had to buy a full size of because I have like a million samples.
What it does: Volumizes, curls and lengthens.
Wand: Non flexible, stiff, prickly.
Works for bottom lashes: Yes and no. Not a fan of the wand.
Formula: Not too wet, brush doesn't carry excessive product.
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 7
Overall: Everyone loves this mascara, but I've used better.

A surprise love in my book.
What it does: Separates lashes and creates volume.
Wand: A bit flexible, soft furry bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Works pretty well.
Formula: More on the dry side
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 6.5
Overall: Great formula, but the brush may cause difficulties for some.

Expensive for a reason.
What it does: Separates lashes and reaches even baby lashes!
Wand: Flexible, short bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Works wonders.
Formula: Creamy, not too wet.
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 10
Overall: Amazing formula, does exactly what it states, worth the money if you purchase. Makes you have a very cute and flirty lash look. Very natural.

My holy grail.
What it does: Volumizes and creates dramatic lashes.
Wand: Non flexible, stiff bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Its alright, nothing special.
Formula: In between dry and wet. More wet.
Ease of Use: (1 not easy - 10 easy) 8 - Can get messy
Overall: One of my favourites. 3 coats make a super dramatic look. I only used one coat in the photo.

Mixed Feelings.
What it does: Volumizes, lengthens and separates.
Wand: Non flexible, stiff, pokey bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Not really.
Formula: Creamy, thick.
Ease of Use: 6 - brush is pokey.
Overall: Honestly, it gets the job done and my lashes look pretty awesome, BUT I just don't like the brush at all haha.

My favourite drugstore mascara.
What it does: Lengthens, separates, natural looking volume.
Wand: End 1: fat, stiff, thin bristles. End 2: Soft bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Decent.
Formula: Drier formula, not very wet at all.
Ease of Use: 8
Overall: Makes your lashes look super long without looking fake. Great drugstore mascara. Add many more coats of end 2 and it can create a dramatic look.

Nostalgia. The first mascara I ever purchased for myself.
What it does: Lengthens, separates, creates a false lashes look.
Wand: Flexible, thick bristles.
Works for bottom lashes: Great for bottom lashes.
Formula: Very wet. Do not let it dry between coats.
Ease of Use: 9
Overall: Great drugstore mascara. Apply many coats for the false lashes effect.

Different, but awesome.
What it does: Lengthens, separates, volume.
Wand: Flexible, short bristles. 
Works for bottom lashes: Cone tip works amazing for bottom lashes.
Formula: Wet formula.
Ease of Use: 9
Overall: Love this new mascara, excellent wand for upper and lower lashes.

Are any of these mascaras your favourite? 
What is your holy grail mascara? 
Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I've been wanting to buy a new mascara! You've convinced me to pick up the L'oreal Miss Manga! I hope it will help my nonexistent eyelashes. Haha.

    1. thanks for the comment cathy, i hope L'oreal Miss Manga works out for you!

  2. I've been following your site, and your product reviews are eye-opening and helpful. I mean my next point in the most constructive way possible. I think you would really benefit from working on your written skills (tone/expression, grammar/punctuation, etc.), because sometimes your posts are hard to follow or get dry. On a side note, I'll definitely be buying Better than Sex! I used to be so turned off by the brush bristles, but the effect is amazing! :)

    1. Thank you for your constructive criticism anonymous person! It's definitely appreciated. Yeah, I find that my posts can feel like it goes on and on with no meaning, since I sometimes like to ramble. I'm glad that you've pointed it out! I can see that my grammar and tone is kind of simple? So I should definitely work on how I talk to my readers. Thanks again!

  3. Great post - it's good to see all of them on the eye - I find it so hard to take pictures of my eyes so very impressed! :) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you for your comment Jasmin! Yeah it sucked that my digital camera couldn't focus on my eye well, and it was super surprising to see that my iphone could do the job! definitely will be using it for more eye photos in the future haha


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