Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creating Your Ideal Workspace

When it comes to blogging, surfing the interwebs, or doing homework, having a clean and comfortable workspace is a must for me. I spend all of my weekends over at my boyfriends place, and unfortunately I do not have a workspace or a desk to sit at. This causes me to be less productive and very uncomfortable when I have to do assignments or use my laptop. Hopefully in the near future, I wil be able to have my own desk at his house (hint hint). Having a workspace all to myself is crucial for me to get things done, and just to be happy overall. Today I will be showing you my workspace at home, just to get the ball rolling if you're interested in creating your own ideal workspace!

 I promise you that the can of shrimp flavoured Pringles underneath my desk is still full. Half full. (Yes, shrimp cocktail flavoured!)

 I guess we are starting on the left side of my desk. I prefer my desk not to be too cluttered with stuff, so I kept most of my stationery and supplies on my shelf. I only keep things I use regularly on my desk. I use this desk mainly for doing my make-up, so its more of a vanity table. It also doubles as my desk for school work and blogging. 
So what is in the picture from left to right:
A mirror - I actually had a Conair mirror with a light on it, but since the bulb burnt out, I bought this rather cheap one from Walmart. It comes with a magnified side and a regular mirrored side.
Lamp - This is just a cheap lamp I got from Ikea. I actually had this lamp for over 7 years now, and I haven't had to change the bulb yet! Amazing. Hope I didn't jinx it now haha. Lamps come in handy for night time because my room gets way too hot in the summer to leave the room light on. This lamp does the job for providing brightness to my desk so I can continue on with my work into the wee hours of the night.
Polaroid Pictures - I have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, and I must say it was worth the investment! I love this camera for capturing moments that I want printed instantly. With the glass top table, it makes it easy for me to keep the memories out in the open! Keeping your workspace fun and giving it a homey feel will make it comfortable to work in.
Flowers - I love the fresh and girly look the flowers give on my desk. Its like a nice pop of colour. I will be changing it to something more fall themed for the upcoming months. Who says workspaces have to be all professional looking?
Windex Touch-Up Cleaner - I used to have a Windex bottle underneath my desk just to have it on hand when I want to clean my table. This makes cleaning SO MUCH EASIER. You just pump one or two times with a cloth and just wipe your desk clean!

Stationery and Brushes all-in-one!
I used to have a different set up for my stationery and brushes, but since it required drilling holes in my wall, I was too lazy to put it back up after painting my room. Now, I keep everything I need in this one little cup on my desk. I got this candle holder from Ikea, and I'm sure you've seen it all around the blogging world. Its super adorable though isn't it? I probably should pick up a few more if they even carry it anymore!

Washi Tape Crazy
This doesn't look like much, but its only because the photo is taken from the side. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be, but if not, then click here) then you would of seen my washi tape collection. I've been using washi tape for almost everything so its no surprise that it will be sitting on my desk 24/7 now. 

My beloved corner. 
At the right corner of my desk is my Macbook Pro and my cute little vanity tray that I purchased at Walmart. It looks a bit cluttered, but its because of all the cotton swabs chilling in their acrylic box. 
On top of the tray is:
Cotton Pad Holder - Which holds cotton pads, of course.
My Piggy Bank - It says "don't touch my stache" on it and the pig has a mustache!
Perfumes - Red one is Katy Perry Killer Queen, Black one is Lady Gaga Fame, and the small orange one is Bvlgari, which I got for free.
Acrylic Box with Cotton Swabs - Self explanatory.
Tony Moly Pump Bottle with Make-up Remover - Bioderma to be exact. 
A Clock - To keep track of time when I surf the net for too long. I got the nifty clock from Ikea. It tells the time and when you rotate the clock physically, you can set a timer, an alarm, and see the temperature!

Inspiration Wall
Beside my desk is my Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea, which I love ever so much. I found the side of the drawer was so empty, that I decided to go a little crazy and decorate it with anything related to make-up. Most of it is packaging from make-up I purchased, or clippings from cards that retailers sent me. I especially love when MAC sends me cards whenever I purchase something in store. Very thoughtful, and the cards make great wallpaper for my Alex drawer as you can see above.

Whats in the desk: A mess.
Inside my actual desk, which is the Malm Dressing Table from Ikea, is my most worn make-up. Its mostly make-up I reach for daily or more often than the ones I keep in my Alex drawer. The drawer dividers are actually utensil dividers which you can also find at Ikea. They make perfect little compartments for organizing my make-up.

My Workspace in a Nutshell.
I absolutely love my workspace. The key to being productive, for me at least, is finding a comfortable space that you can work in and feel happy working in. Most of us feel stressed when we have to work in a cluttered environment. I love sitting at my desk for hours upon hours because its ideal for me. It works for me. It makes me feel happy and at home. 

What is a must in your ideal workspace?
Let me know in the comments!

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