Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Lipstick Picks

Do you love fall as much as I do? Fall is definitely my favourite time of the year. Actually, from the months of September-December I'm probably at my most happiest. Why you say? Sweater weather, hot chocolate, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and CHRISTMAS!! Most of all, I love being able to wear my favourite dark/deep/berry lipsticks.

Today I will be showing you my favourite lipstick picks for this fall season. I tried to pick lipsticks that are possibly available to all, with the exception of one, and I tried to avoid limited edition colours.

Lipstick Picks for Fall 2014
 As you can tell by all the fall decor, I decided to decorate my room this year with fall decorations. I usually decorate for Christmas, but why not also decorate for my favourite season?

 Rimmel is probably my number one in drugstore lipsticks. Every collection and type of lipstick they produce is simply amazing. The formula is very creamy and comfortable on the lips. This is a very dark pink/nude which I find to be perfect for this cool weather. 

 This is my favourite Mac lipstick that I own. Though the colour looks very dark and deep purple in the tube, it comes off fairly light, which means it can be worn anytime of the year. Mac lipsticks are at the top of my list of favourite lipstick formulas, because they definitely know what they are doing. The packaging, the formula, the scent, everything is amazing. This is a daring colour for me to wear, but I do feel absolutely confident wearing it. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Diva Red
 This is going to be my most worn shade this fall. I've never been a red lip kind of person. I find that red lipstick looks weird on me, so I always gear towards pinks or deep red/burgundy colours. This is the perfect red shade. Its VERY red, but it has a slight tinge of a burgundy undertone. Its more of a blue red in my opinion than a orange red, which I am not that fond of. 

 Are you surprised to see another Rimmel lipstick? This was one of my favourites last fall. A deep reddish/purple shade. Great formula and amazing colour pay off.

 Now this one is fairly similar to the Rimmel 107, but it has more purple/pink in it. These are just options to you if you like a specific undertone! It has a matte finish without drying out your lips. 

Joe Fresh Lipstick - Bordeaux
 I actually had no idea that Joe Fresh, a clothing brand, also had make-up products. It was a surprise to me when my cousin showed me when we went to The Canadian Superstore. The simplistic white packaging is what mainly caught my eye first, and then the colour payoff. This is a beautiful deep red/burgundy lipstick. If you are into more of a brown undertoned lipstick, this one is for you. 

As you saw above, the last three lipsticks looked fairly similar, but in better lighting and on the skin, you can see the huge difference. 
Rimmel #08 - A peachy/deep pink nude
MAC Heroine - a vibrant violet 
Rimmel Diva Red - a bright blue toned red (cremesheen finish?)
Rimmel #107 - A darker, deep red shade
Em Cosmetics Passion Berries - a pinkish/purple/red shade
Joe Fresh Bordeaux - a deep burgundy red

One more question before you go, just an opinion:
If you noticed the pictures I took in this blog post, compared to my previous posts like my Night Time Skincare Routine, do you prefer when I photograph using my lightbox, where the background is all white? Or do you like when I use props or have other items in the background? 

I feel that in the lightbox theres less distractions and more focus on the products, but it seems a bit boring. Having props, decor and other background colours makes it feel more bright, but it can get a bit distracting from what my main focus is. I just wanted to know what you guys thought!

Whats your favourite fall lipsticks?


  1. Rimmel 08 is one of my staples! Especially as it gets into the colder months, it's such a lovely, warm colour.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Rimmel "Alarm" 170. I was looking for a true red, and it's a little blueish, which is perfect for me, and as it wears it doesn't go as pink as soooo many blue reds do on me. Love it, love it, love it.


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