Monday, September 1, 2014

My Favourite Face Brushes

What do you do when its 3am? Write a blog post of course. Today I will finally be talking about my favourite make-up brushes (pertaining to face only though). I feel that the quality of brush you use is important for the application of make-up, since it either applies the product flawlessly, or just moves it back and forth on your face. These are brushes that I use every single day for my make-up routine and I wouldn't have it any other way. Surely there are more expensive, better brushes out there, but there are easily a bunch of cheaper, drugstore brand brushes that work just as well.

I also use another product for my daily make-up that I did not include in this post, mainly because it is a sponge. I use a Beauty Blender for my foundation and concealer, and I must say, its worth the money. I'll get into an extensive review in a different post though.

Powder Brushes
 Since I started make-up, I've always been on the hunt for an amazing powder brush. Why? As an oily skin person, powders are my bestfriend. I need amazing brushes to apply these products well, that blend them in nicely to my skin. 
One: Real Techniques Powder Brush - Oh man, this brush is my holy grail of brushes. No matter where I go, I am always carrying this brush with me. If only they had a more travel sized version, or if I had a brush holder I could carry around 24/7. Real Technique brushes live up to the hype. They are high quality brushes at a very reasonable price. I found this brush randomly at a store in Pacific Mall and I am so happy that I own it. Its a perfectly domed shaped brush with very soft bristles that work amazing with my pressed powders. It picks up the product and disperses it nicely onto my skin. 
Two: Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush - I mainly fell in love with this powder brush because of how soft it was. Its literally like touching a very soft puppy. Does it work well? Yes and no. Its a lot fluffier and lighter than the Real Techniques one, but it does not blend as well. This brush is better for lightly dusting powder on your face, mainly touching up your face. 

Contour Brushes
I am a bronzer fanatic and it takes the right kind of brush to contour my super round face. 
Three: Real Techniques Contour Brush - I've tried many contour brushes in the past and this one is by far my all time favourite. This contour brush is sold in the Real Techinques Core Collection Set so I don't think you can purchase this by itself. This brush effortlessly applies the bronzer on my cheeks, and works wonders for blending it out. 
Four: ELF Studio Small Tapered Brush - One of the first brushes I've owned. Its been with me for a long time now. This small tapered brush from Elf does wonders with contouring, especially for your nose. The bristles are extremely soft and fluffy which makes it easy to use. Not only is it great for nose contouring, but the small size makes it a wonderful highlighting brush! Guess what the price is.. THREE FREAKING DOLLARS. For a brush that has more than one use, that is an amazing price!

I love my face brushes and I'm always down to try new ones, high end or drug store. 
What brushes do you recommend? 

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