Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Anniversary Brush Set Review

This is probably the longest amount of days I've gone without posting something. I have many reasons why I haven't been posting lately. The first reason is that school started, but thats not a good reason since I only have to be in school once a week haha. The second reason is that I've been helping my mom a bit with her business. And the last reason, which is also the main reason why I haven't been posting, is because I got addicted to Sims 3. What a time to be addicted to computer games huh?

I started blogging because I felt this was a great way to express my love of beauty and crafts to people who would want to listen and see those kinds of things. I know for a fact my boyfriend was tired of hearing me talk about stuff he didn't care about. So why not talk to a bunch of strangers right?! Anyways, I didn't want to slack off as soon as school started again, and life really started. I want this to be something I refuse to give up on. It makes me happy that I have my own blog, and that I have readers who come back to read my posts. Blogging is one of the main highlights of my life. Enough of being sappy, lets get on to this post.

I went to Target this weekend because I basically live there every weekend now, and everytime I'm there, I ALWAYS check the Sonia Kashuk section to see if they had this brush set in stock. THEY FINALLY DID!! I know I'm crazy late to this party but I finally got my hands on the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Brush Set. By golly thats a mouthful. Its purple, its beautiful and its all mine.

You can pick up this bundle of joy at any Target Canada (presuming they still have them in stock)
This awesome set comes with 15 full sized brushes. I purchased one Sonia Kashuk brush previously for almost 20 dollars. This WHOLE set was only $39.99! 

I love the purple bristles. They are to die for. 

 Here are the face brushes. You get 7 of them.

 The 8 eye brushes. The handles of the brushes are a very deep plum purple colour. 

I labled the brushes so you can see for yourself what you get when you purchase this awesome set! Its perfect for beginners or people who just want amazing quality brushes.

Look at how vibrant that purple is. The brush itself is super soft. I absolutely love them. The handles feel luxurious and are nicely weighted. Their is little to no shedding and they definitely do not look like cheap brushes.

Overall, I would recommend these brushes to anyone looking for a great beginner brush set. This set has actually all the tools you need to start doing make-up! Of course these aren't the best brushes on the market, but for the price your paying this is practically a steal. I enjoy using Sonia Kashuk brushes and I'm very pleased they came out this such an amazing brush set. Most of the time whenever you buy brush sets, theres always a few brushes that suck and you know you will never use. All the brushes in this set have a purpose and will be put to good use. They are all great quality brushes. I've purchased many brush sets before in the past, and this has got to be one of my all time favourites.

Do you like purchasing brush sets? Whats your favourite?

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  1. I wanted them so BADLY but here in Italy we can't find them ;;



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