Monday, October 27, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette Review

This is going to be one of my first beauty reviews where I focus on one product only! Todays review will be on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette.

What makes "ambient lighting blushes" so much more special than regular blush, is that Hourglass uses something called photo-luminescent technology, which are micron-sized, colour correcting particles, to alter the appearance of your skin. What this does is it refracts favourable light, which creates a soft focus on your skin, minimizes wrinkles, imperfections, and basically keeps your skin looking flawless.

Behold, one of the most beautiful blush palettes I've ever seen:

 I can't get over how pretty it is. If you're in the market for a good blush palette, this is calling your name.

The packaging: 
 Hourglass has the most simple, exquisite, sleek packaging design. They definitely know how to make their products look extremely expensive (which some may suggest they are).

 You get three blushes in this palette for $67 CAN, which is well worth it considering a full sized one is $41. Luminous flush and mood exposure are two colours in their permanent line of ambient lighting blushes, and incandescent electra is the limited edition shade made for this palette.

If you own the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, you will notice its the exact same packaging except this one is gold and not brown. 

What's inside:
 From left to right: Luminous Flush - described as a champagne rose colour
Incandescent Electra - a cool peach
Mood Exposure - a soft plum colour

 What amazes me about Hourglass blushes, is that extra step they took to make their blushes more radiant and formulated well for everyone's skin. Instead of a flat colour, their photo-luminescent technology brings out depth and dimension on your face. 

 I don't know if people are applying this wrong, but the people who say that these colours don't show up on their face must not be using it right. Let me tell you this; a little goes a LONG way. These blushes are EXTREMELY pigmented. I gently swept my blush brush on the top of the blush, tapped off the excess and there was still so much pigment when I applied it on. Trust me when I say, apply with a very, very light hand. 

Swatches: (With bright lighting)
 Look at the beauty and variety of the shades you get. This is the perfect palette to get someone as a gift, or even to treat yourself to. I have a new found love for blushes and this blush palette just takes the cake. Its stunning, vibrant, and it works. 

Swatches: (less lighting)
My favourite would have to be luminous flush. It's such a bright pink, so you definitely don't need much to complete your look. When you apply it right, it gives you nice rosy cheeks.

 Here is the Ambient Lighting Palette and the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette side by side. 

Hourglass has got it all figured out with their products. Their finely milled lighting powder and lighting blushes are products I would recommend to anyone. Their formulas are amazing and these products are worth every penny. 

If you're in the market for good quality blushes, give it a try. This palette is worth the value you pay for, and the product is of high quality. I'm considering picking up the other shades of blushes in the Hourglass line, because I absolutely love all the colours in this palette. 

Are you a fan of any Hourglass products? 

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  1. I agree this is definitely the most beautiful palette I have ever seen. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of their blushes for a long time now so this palette is amazing as you get 3 different shades. Will definitely be adding it to my Christmas list x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

    1. its definitely worth it to buy this palette since you get to try two of their blushes from the regular line. worth the investment!!

  2. Great review!! I picked it up as well, and have been super happy with it. Mood exposure has been my go to shade lately!

  3. I just picked up one of the single blushes (dim infusion) and have been so happy with it. I've been trying to restrain myself from getting this palette and this post pushed me one step closer :P

    I love that you've included to many photos, it really gives a good overview of what the product is like.
    Shannon xo |

    1. Thank you for the comment Shannon! Its definitely one of the type of products you need to do your research on before purchasing. Hope its what you're looking for, because I absolutely am in love with it!


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