Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memebox Global #14 Unboxing + First Look

I've been putting this post off for SO long, I honestly think it's been over a month now! This is my third Memebox that I have received and it was jam packed full of neat stuff!

If you don't know what Memebox is, it is a Korean based beauty box (non-subscription) where you choose the box you want to buy and everything in it is a surprise! If you are interested in purchasing one, just stay tuned for some links below.

This one is the Memebox Global #14 - no main theme, just one of their regular monthly boxes you can order.

Totally packed full of goodies! 

Shower Mate Perfume de Whip Body Wash (Full Size - $4 x2)
This is one of the first beauty boxes where I got body wash! I love body wash and I wish more beauty boxes let us try samples of them. I hate getting shampoos and conditioners because my hair already likes one, its not ready for something new! I find it weird seeing Marilyn Monroe on them but whatever, they smell great! 

Sally's Box 4 Set of Masks (Full size - $14)
Not one, but 4 masks! Whats great about this set is that they aren't all the same. They gave a variety of masks to try out which is awesome! 

Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner (Full Size - $19)
What I love about beauty boxes/subscription boxes is the element of surprise. I love getting products I wouldn't think of buying. That is the main reason I love subscription boxes. This is a bronze liner/eyeshadow pencil, which is something I wouldn't think of picking up on my own. I also love that the girl on the pencil looks like Snow White haha.

VOV Good-Bye Black Smudge Waterproof Mascara (Full Size - $16)
I'm always happy to receive mascara, especially waterproof ones. I love the nautical blue, white and orange packaging! 

Kocostar 4 Package Set (Full Size - $20)
At first glance I thought "wow more face masks?", but to my surprise, this is a set of hair, nails, feet and a face mask! An amazing set to give yourself an instant spa day. 

Sua Young Mineral Essence Liquid Foundation (Deluxe Sample - $5.65)
I was ecstatic to see a foundation sample in my Memebox, but I did not let myself get my hopes up. As expected the shade was WAY too light for me. This is to be expected in Memeboxes because in Korea, a lot of Koreans prefer or already have very fair skin, so a lot of the skin products are extremely light. I mean, it could maybe work as a highlighter, or maybe a concealer, but otherwise this may be going to another home! 

Recipe by Nature Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence (Full Size - $42)
I've never heard of a vitamin essence before, but it looks rather intriguing. I was thrown off by the orange tinge, thinking it was some sort of perfume. This essence helps deliver deep nourishment and nutrition to your skin. It also helps balance your oil/moisture levels, and brightens your skin.

A;T Fox Fantasy Holic Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil (Full Size - $7)
Essentially a lip and cheek pencil. Not a huge, huge fan of these but the colour is very pretty.

I love Korean beauty products and I feel that Memeboxes are always way more than what you paid for.

Memebox Verdict:
Full Size Products: 7
Deluxe Size Products: 8
Sample Size Products: 0
Price of Box: $23.99(+$6.99 shipping) / NO SUBSCRIPTION
Value of Box: $131.65

Considering I only paid 23.99 and shipping for this box, you are getting almost all full sized products! If you are interested in purchasing your own Memebox, just click here. Every month they come out with a bunch of awesome themed boxes. Though you may not be getting this box, theres always new and better boxes!

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  1. Ohh those masks look like they would be lovely to use all together! ^ ^


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