Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Event: Miracle 10 Bloggers Word of Mouth + Miracle 10 Review

Well, I feel like I have been gone for a while now! I apologize for the lack of posts. I feel like life has all of a sudden gotten crazy with school assignments and tests and I'm also moving at the end of this week! Guess what? I also haven't packed yet. Typical procrastinator me. Along with my busy schedule, I've found two new hobbies that distract me away from blogging: loom knitting and playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. What an odd combination. Anyway I just wanted to keep you guys updated into why I haven't posted in over a week now. Hopefully once the fall semester is over, and I'm finally settled into my new home, I will be back on my Monday and Thursday schedule again!

On to the event post! A few weeks ago, I got the most amazing opportunity to attend my first blogger event. I attending the Miracle 10 Bloggers Word of Mouth event, and it was such a fun experience, considering I find it difficult to communicate and meet new people. I had a pleasant time and got a chance to meet many other Toronto based bloggers!

During this event we got the opportunity to meet other bloggers, listen to our amazing guest speakers; Michelle Villet from and Sarah Ohm from talk about current beauty trends. Did you know that bare nails and undone hair is totally a thing now? Guess I never have to comb my hair or paint my nails. Kidding. Not really.

What I loved most about the Miracle 10 boutique was that everything was white. It was like I was in heaven. 

 Sushi as h'orderves? Count me in. 

Some of their products.

 Dior was also there giving free makeovers! I really wished I wasn't wearing so much make-up to begin with! 

 Michelle and Sarah taking the stage, talking about beauty trends.

My goodie bag! During the event, we got to meet with skin consultants to talk about our skin concerns. They taught us more about the product and which products would work for us. Everyone went home with a goodie bag worth well over $200! So exciting. I've used the products a few times already, so look forward to a full review soon!

My review on each of the products (not including the light serum which I felt didn't fit my skin care needs to want to use it):
Out of all the products I received in my goodie bag, my favourite has got to be the cleanser II. I felt it did an amazing job cleaning my skin and leaving it feel fresh. It didn't dry out my skin at all when I used it. The one thing I disliked about it was the smell. Oh my god, it smelt like .. metal? I don't know it smelt really weird. Another thing was that it didn't lather much, which isn't that much of an issue, but in my opinion I like cleansers that lather more haha!
Solution I: I really enjoyed the solution which was a water consistency (suppose to be a toner) and absorbed quickly into the skin. The smell for this product wasn't an issue and it really prepped my skin for moisturizing.
AHA Gel I: I felt this product didn't do much for my skin compared to the cleanser and solution. It was a gel like consistency that was to be applied on my face and neck. It's a product that is suppose to reduce the appearance of fine lines.. so maybe that's why it didn't work for me. I am still rather young and I don't really have wrinkles but it's never too late to use anti-aging products!
Face SPF: Like any sunscreen, this product worked fine for me, and didn't feel too thick or too runny. I was able to wear it under my foundation and I felt that it didn't leave a white cast or made me oily. I also loved that this product was water resistant and sweat proof.

I'm so happy that I got the chance to meet many new bloggers who share the same passion I do. Thanks Miracle 10 for the opportunity! 

If you're interested in trying Miracle 10 and their awesome skin care products, or even looking to inquire about them, you can find them at:
Miracle 10/The Plastic Surgery Clinic
67 Scollard St (Yorkville)
Toronto, Ontario 
M5R 1G4

or check out their website at:

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