Monday, December 8, 2014

Brand Spotlight: Flower Beauty

Hello guys! Today I am featuring a new brand to my fellow Canadians; Flower Beauty. I'm sure many of you have already heard of it from other Youtubers, but it has finally arrived in Canada, and I'm excited!

The Brand:
Flower Beauty Makeup and Cosmetics was founded by Drew Barrymore, and their philosophy is to provide high end beauty products at a low end price. They do this by not advertising. Many beauty brands out there spend loads of money on advertising, meaning that their product prices rise to pay for those costs. Drew herself promotes the products and in return it allows the company to focus their time and efforts on formula and packaging. All their products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. What I love about this brand is that they have already have a large collection of make-up and beauty products, from foundations, lipsticks, brushes, and even eyeshadow palettes! If you're interested in purchasing anything from the Flower Beauty line, and live in Canada, you can now purchase them at most Walmart locations and! Let us dig in to the goodies I picked up!

My Flower Beauty Haul! 

 Can I just say, that the packaging is absolutely adorable? I love rose gold and white together, so you bet I was sold on packaging. I am a blush and bronzer girl so I had to pick up this duo. Let me tell you, it doesn't disappoint. Its highly pigmented, and not too chalky. A little goes a long way with this product. I picked the darkest shade because I felt the bronzer wasn't as orange as the other shades, and the pink is very coral and bright. This is definitely a great summer duo. 

Up Close:
 It appears that the colours both have a wee bit of shimmer, but its barely noticeable when I apply it on my face.

 I originally thought I was purchasing the Velvet Lip Chubbies and was very disappointed that this one was in the wrong place and I didn't read the packaging right! Luckily this lip tint is absolutely gorgeous and its not too sheer! The colour pay off is still good, it looks more like a lip gloss to me! Except for the fact it isn't sticky like a lip gloss. 

 Unfortunately for me, this mascara was a miss. As stated in the name, it's a 3 in one mascara. That's right, you can lengthen, curl, and volumize your lashes with this one mascara. How you say? Well, the brush can be changed into three different types of brushes! 

For example:

With a twist of the lid, you can change the shape of the mascara brush! As amazing as it sounds, the idea was great, but it was not greatly executed. Maybe it's just their formula, but the mascara doesn't have a wow factor for me. 

 I'm a fan of berry colours and I am a fan of dark nail polish. I have yet to try this product, but for 5 bucks, you can't go wrong! The packaging reminds me of ELF nail polishes, and those ones work pretty well. 

 I wanted to love this concealer, but I don't. It's not THAT bad, it just doesn't work well, for me at least. It does do a great job brightening and highlighting parts of my face (cheeks, under eyes, eyebrow bone), but I wanted the concealer to cover my imperfections and huge pimples!! This concealer just didn't cover my pimples well at all. It came off way too easily even though I applied on layer after layer. It works great for highlighting, but not as a concealer. 

 It might have been just the first time I swatched it but this eyeliner wasn't very black at all! It was kind of transparent, which was disappointing. Unfortunately I don't know where I misplaced the eyeliner and it sucks, I just bought it too! I think I used it once on Black Friday, but otherwise I don't remember where it is now and now I'm moved into a new house, so it could be anywhere. Well, from what I know from the two times I got to try it, it's not very black, and I loveeeeeee my eyeliners. Not for me!

Swatches low light:

Under brighter lights:

Overall, I feel that the products in the Flower Beauty line are pretty hit or miss. There was a product I really loved (the blush/bronzer duo) and some that were just disappointing (concealer,eyeliner). There are still so many other products I need to try before I can fully give my opinion on the brand, but for now, I feel like I love the message Drew Barrymore is giving, and I absolutely love the packaging and product line the brand carries. 

What are your thoughts on the Flower Beauty brand? 
Do you have any favourite products from the line? Let me know!


  1. Sounds like a few of the budget brands, some stuff is amazing value and some is a bit of a miss! I don't think we have got this over in the UK yet, will keep an eye for it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I agree! I'm pretty selective when it comes to buying drug store brands but everything from this brand looks awesome and I want to try it! So far it definitely is hit or miss. You definitely should, I feel its a brand worth trying so far!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Flower Beauty! As a fellow Canadian :) I felt like it took forever to come here! I actually haven't tried any of the products you tried! I really love the Powder Foundation, and creme eyeshadows, maybe give those a go. It's nice to know what works and what doesn't so this post was awesome!
    -Arielle |


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