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December 2014 Ipsy Bag Review + Why I'm Unsubscribing

I have some bad news guys. This is my last Ipsy bag. I know many of you loved reading reviews on my Ipsy bags, but I felt like it was time to move on. Let me tell you a few things about Ipsy and why I am leaving first. I've been a subscriber to Ipsy for exactly 2 years! Time definitely flies. I am unsubscribing for a few reasons. None of them are necessarily that bad, but they weren't good enough for me to want to stay.

Reason One: They advertise that the quizzes are suppose to make a "profile" for you, and that the products are catered to your needs, but most of the time, you get things you don't even want. Almost too often did I receive hair care products when I specifically noted that I don't want or like hair care products. I know it's hard to specifically match people with products, but there isn't a real reason to having a beauty quiz if it does nothing for anyone.

Reason Two: The value/size wasn't worth it really. Before, whenever I calculated the value of the bags, I always felt like I was trying to justify paying that 16-17 bucks a month. I would calculate it and say to myself "yeah, I only paid 17 bucks for 50 bucks worth of products! In the end, it is sample size and deluxe sized products, and the real point to them is that if you like them you end up buying the full size. I've had better beauty subscriptions where I received full sized products (almost all were full sized) and the value was way higher. At that point I felt like I could be spending this 17 bucks on other things instead of small products.

Reason Three: I know I'm not the only one here, or maybe I am but, I rarely use the products. I kind of felt like during this year, I was getting the bags, and then rarely using the stuff I got. So it kind of just sat there in my collection of products I haven't used yet pile. (Yes, I'm guilty of having a drawer full of products I purchased/got for free and haven't even opened yet) I kept telling myself "the bags will get better" or "if I leave now, what if there is an awesome product I'm missing out on?" Who am I kidding. If it was an awesome product, I could just buy it. I could just use this money and buy what I want, instead of getting products I may or may not use.

I'm not hating or bashing on Ipsy. I think it's a great service and it's especially amazing for those who are starting to get into make-up or love trying new things. I love trying new things, but I just felt like it wasn't worth getting a subscription of deluxe sized products I won't ever use. I don't know, maybe in the future I will subscribe again, but for now, it's a definite no. I am in the market for a new subscription box just to try out, so maybe there's hope for someone new. Sorry for rambling, but here is my last Ipsy bag review.

My December 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag
A nice overview of the products I received. 

 I like the bag for this month's compared to previous ones. I believe it was the December 2012 Ipsy bag that was the exact same shape as this bag, and I love it. I'm not a huge fan of the flat rectangular bags they gave out too often. I literally just went through the two years I've been with them and I must say, they cheaped out on the bags. The whole 2013 year had colourful awesome bags, and then we get to 2014. The only nice bags for 2014 was May and June (check it out here and here), and the rest sucked.

Cailyn Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish in "Orchid" (Value: $15)
This is such a gorgeous eyeshadow colour, but I've never been a huge fan of loose eyeshadows. I don't hate them, I just don't prefer to use them. The colour is very pretty though and I feel it would go great as an inner eye shimmer. 

Once again, a product I didn't say I wanted through the beauty quiz. Anyways, this is a vegan facial cleanser that works well for normal to oily skin. I do like that it is a cruelty free product, so that is always a plus.

I hate receiving hair products in my Ipsy bags yet I always got them, UGHHH. This one is okay though because I do occasionally remember to use heat protectants in my hair. I like the brand sexy hair so I guess I may use this product one day.

I could of done the math wrong but apparently this mascara is worth 10 bucks. I've used this mascara numerous times in the past and it's truly a great mascara. Glad to have received this.

I was happy to receive a Nyx product, but not too thrilled to see that it was a nude lip balm. I do enjoy using lip balms, but the fact that it's nude makes me feel like I probably won't be wearing this on a daily basis. 

In total I paid around $17 for this bag (including the shipping and taxes) and the value of my December bag was a whopping $40.57. Did I like this month's bag? Not really. I probably won't be using 2/5 products which sucks. In the beginning, I was always excited to receive my Ipsy bags until I felt like the products weren't wow-ing me anymore. I used to have a subscription box with Glossybox Canada, and I always loved the products they gave. They were honestly more useful and definitely products I would use. Occasionally we got foil packets, but otherwise all the products were full sized. Unfortunately they went out of business, but I've been informed that the US Glossybox is now available in Canada. Will I be joining? Maybe. We will just have to see. 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. I won't be posting this Thursday as per usual since it is Christmas, so I will see you all back on my blog on Monday December 29th!

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  1. I unsubbed from my beauty boxes as well - I had the same problem in that I just wasn't using the products I was getting so in the end it was a waste of money. I do really want to try that tarte mascara though, I hear it's fab! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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