Monday, December 1, 2014

IMATS 2014 Haul + Experience

So last weekend I attended the Toronto IMATS. If you are unaware of what IMATS stands for or what it is, it's the International Make-up Artist Tradeshow. It's basically a huge tradeshow with hundreds of make-up brands in one huge building, selling a boat load of make-up for a discounted price. Now let me tell you my experience.

I absolutely hated it. Not that the deals weren't good, but the fact that it was so busy and unorganized. My main goal was to pick up things from Make Up For Ever, and that didn't happen because they didn't maintain a good enough system to get people in and out from their booth quickly. If you're ever planning to attend IMATS, follow these crucial steps:

1) Make a list - Research the companies, and the brands that are going to be at IMATS. I researched and went on every single exhibitors website so I knew what to expect when I was there. It's way too crazy to be window shopping or thinking of what to buy. Know what you want to buy.

2) Get there EARLY - I didn't even sleep the night before, and I arrived to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre around 6:45AM. The event started at 8:30AM. We were third in line, but of course with being early, there is more waiting. The line was at least an hour or so long just to get your stamp, and then you had to line up to get in. It was insane. I left around 9:45-10:30AM, and there was still a huge line just to get checked-in.

3) Every woman/man for themself - I went there with my cousin and friend, but honestly, I ended up by myself most of the time. If you want to beat the crowds and get what you want, you got to get a move on! Once I purchased what I wanted from one booth, I immediately went to another booth.

4) Try to have a good time! - It honestly was a bad time probably because I was sleep deprived and I hate being in crowded places. I definitely think that most of the sales were worth going for, but maybe next time I will go by myself or have a good nights sleep haha.

My haul is rather small because I just couldn't stand waiting at the booths because everyone literally crowded around every single one. I mainly picked up what interested me or what I really wanted most. The one thing I regret was not running to Make Up For Ever first, considering they had 40% off everything. So sad :( Anyways, on to the haul!

IMATS Toronto Haul
 Considering I only spent $112, I think I did pretty well.

 From the Frends Beauty booth, I picked up a Z Palette I believe for $15-20?, 5 pairs of lashes (they were $1 each!!), and a metal mixing palette? Not sure the exact word for it. I spent $30 in total at this booth.

 I've heard amazing reviews for Morphe Brushes, and picked up only what I felt I needed. I got a brush cleaner spray in hopes I wouldn't be lazy to clean my brushes, a powder/blush brush and an eyeliner brush. In total I spent $22 at this booth.

This was the purchase that made my whole IMATS experience worth it. ONE Beauty Blender is $26(Canadian) at Sephora. Guess how much I paid for this bag of Beauty Blenders and Blender Cleanser Solid? Only $60. That's $10 a sponge and a free freaking cleanser. I am definitely going to buy another bag next year, because this will last me forever. 

Will I go back to IMATS? Was it worth it? 

Some people might think it's not worth it because it gets pretty hectic and busy, and that can be a turn off for many. For some, they love the sales and the chance to purchase make-up they love at really great prices. In my opinion, if you aren't an avid make-up user, or just "like" make-up, it's not worth your time. As much as I didn't have a good time due to being tired and hating the crowds, I may consider going again. I followed my own steps but still got really carried away and forgot where all the booths I wanted to go to were. It gets a bit overwhelming once you're in there. Just remember to have a game plan and to not be upset you didn't get what you came for! 

What are your thoughts on IMATS? Have you been?


  1. Ah sounds like a nightmare to me but I do understand why people go! I just hate busy events like that, so I will stick to my online sales. Glad you got some bargains though - that bag of beauty blenders is the best!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes it was a nightmare! I thought the crowds wouldn't be THAT bad, but no they were. And people can be real pushy too. The only thing that made it worth it was the beauty blender bag so yeah, I guess I am still glad I went though haha.

  2. I've never been to IMATS and I'd love to go one year. xx


    1. definitely an experience you should try one day!


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