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The Softcup Review: The Solution to Every Woman's Time of the Month

Before we get started, I'm going to put a disclaimer here: This post is going to be super TMI (too much information) because I will be talking about my period and vaginas. If you're a dude or if you get squeamish about this topic, feel free to click out of this post. I'm talking about this subject because it's a problem I've had to deal with for years, and now I've found a solution to it. I hope you ladies with the same problem can benefit from this, or anyone who has a period can as well!

The History of my Problem
First off, I know some people feel embarrassed or awkward talking about periods, but it's a fact of life, it happens and there's nothing to be ashamed of. Well, maybe my problem is embarrassing, but I'm going to share it with you guys anyways. I've had irregular and extremely heavy periods ever since I had my period, which has been for about 10 years now. When I say irregular, I mean like it would sometimes skip 2-3 months. Some may say that's great, but the downside to that is the Niagara Falls in my pants when it does come. I guess since I skip months, when my period comes, it's making up for the months I miss. My period would get SO heavy that I could bleed through O.B's Ultra tampons. If you've seen or used one of those, you would be shocked that I could bleed through that within an hour. It's that bad. I'm the most bitchy, grumpy person when I'm on my period, because no one understands how bad my problem is. I've been given pills and stuff to regulate my periods, or stop the bleeding when it was too much, but it never completely solved my problem. Until I used the Instead Softcup.

What is the Softcup?
The Softcup is a disposable menstrual cup that is used to catch rather than absorb your period. The cup is worn inside your vagina, around your cervix to catch all the blood. Sounds awesome right?

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The Softcup
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I was hesitant about trying this because I've already heard about the Diva Cup, which is a reusable menstrual cup that runs for like 30 bucks Canadian. With these Softcups, I paid only $5(CAN) for 6 cups. These are the disposable ones that you throw away after 12 hours of use, but let me tell ya, you can get way more use out of it if you just clean it properly. 

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 The Softcup is essentially a plastic ring with a plastic baggy on the inside. I thought to myself "wtf, how is this going to go inside me and stop my period??", but it has officially changed my life. I'm not even getting paid to talk about this product, I just simply love it that much. Instead of having to go to the washroom every hour, or every few hours, I can put it in at the start of my day, and I don't have to worry about it until I get home. It truly works.

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The Comparison:
How does the Softcup compare to using pads or tampons though? Well you can see below what the Softcup offers compared to pads and tampons. The one thing that mattered most to me was the durability and timespan I could wear it for without changing it. What most women love about the Softcup is that it isn't linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) because the product itself isn't absorbing anything like tampons do. This product is simply catching the blood instead of absorbing it. And guess what? You can also wear the Softcup and have sex. Since the Softcup is all the way in the back of your vagina, and not sitting in the vaginal canal like a tampon, you can still have sex without worrying about leakage. Another thing is that you can use the Softcup even when your period isn't THAT heavy, unlike tampons. I know I'm not the only one, but have you ever put a tampon inside when it wasn't that heavy? Sometimes it even hurts to take it out. With the Softcup, it works when your period is light or heavy, and because of the plastic material, it doesn't hurt like a bitch pulling it out!

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How to use it:
The Softcup is fairly easy to use, if you're comfortable with your own body. I wouldn't recommend this product to you unless you've tried a tampon before, or, you know, don't mind sticking your fingers inside yourself. 

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 Step One: To insert the Softcup, you have to squeeze the opposite sides of the circle together, like so.
the softcup, instead softcup, softcup review, diva cup, diva cup alternative, menstrual cups

Step Two: This works best when you're sitting on the toilet, legs apart. While holding the Softcup just like how it is above, you insert it into your vagina horizontally. Don't hold it like how I'm holding it though, hold it like the diagram on the box above, kind of like the "ok" sign you do with your fingers, but make sure your hand is on the outside so it's not in the way while you're pushing it in. You have to push it all the way to the back, until the front end you're pushing gets behind your pubic bone. You will know it's your pubic bone because it's the big hard thing inside there. Once the whole thing is inside, push the end behind the pubic bone, and tilt it up a bit. I was so worried that it would be stuck inside, but trust me, it's super easy to take out. It only took me two days to get it in right and taking it out is now a breeze. The Softcup should mold itself to your internal shape, and you shouldn't feel it at all while it's inside. If you still feel it, it means it's not far enough inside of you. 

When wearing the Softcup, when you pee there may be a little bit of blood, but it's completely normal and there shouldn't be any real leakage at all. If it's leaking a lot, then you probably have to readjust the Softcup by taking it out and pushing it back in correctly.

Taking it Out:
Step One: Once again, this works best when you're sitting on the toilet. A downside to this product, is that the removal of it can get a little messy, but it's all worth it in the end. While sitting on the toilet, stick your fingers inside, and like you were about to pee, push out. The Softcup should then be pushed out a bit, so you can then hook a finger on the rim and slowly pull it out. 

Step Two: While pulling it out slowly, make sure to keep the Softcup leveled horizontally, because if you pull it out downwards or upwards the blood could get everywhere. Dump out the contents, and if you really want to, you can wash the Softcup and reuse it again. 

How It's Changed My Life:
It's silly that such a simple product that I use for my period has changed my life, but it totally has. The Softcup now offers me the freedom to enjoy my day without having to worry about where the closest washroom is, or if I'm going to leak anytime soon. I can wear it for 6-8 hours without considering having to change it or check up on it. I don't have to waste so much money on pads and tampons now because I can wear one Softcup through one period cycle too. Another thing is less waste! Only one Softcup for my period cycle, compared to like maybe 10 pads, and 30+ tampons a month?? 

I'm not telling you that you have to use this product, I'm just saying that if you're like me, and you have this problem with heavy periods that interfere with your everyday life, there is a solution. I wish I knew about the Softcup sooner, and didn't have to deal with 10 years of uncertainty and struggle. I absolutely love this product, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Best. Product. Ever.

Would you ever use a menstrual cup?

If you'd like to learn more about the the Softcup, or feel I haven't answered any of your questions or concerns, please check out their website at

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