Monday, March 30, 2015

4 Useful Tools and Resources for Bloggers

Hello friends. This is my first post in regards to a "blogger tips and tricks" post, so I hope this will help those who are currently learning how to blog, or are interested in starting out a blog on their own! These are the four websites that I currently use everyday, or during days I put out a blog post. They are simple and easy to use, and improve my way of blogging immensely.

1. Bloglovin
Bloglovin is more of a blogging community more than anything, but it's still a very useful resource. What I love about Bloglovin is being apart of a community of bloggers, who also share the same interests as I do. I love reading blog posts, and I enjoy commenting on others work. While being in a blogging community, you can read, comment, and share your thoughts and ideas. You can follow your favourite bloggers, and find new bloggers you've never heard about. Many bloggers out there offer great ideas you can bounce off of, and this all provides great inspiration in writing your own posts. 
With Bloglovin, I'm instantly updated as to when my favourite bloggers have a new post up. It's nice to have everything you want to read all in one place.

Before blogging, I knew nothing about websites that could shorten your url links. I always wondered how people did it and how they were able to even tweet words after their url links. With Bitly, you're able to shorten your long URL and receive a custom bitlink. This makes tweeting a whole lot easier because you get the opportunity to explain what your link is, rather than posting up just a suspicious link. Bitly also allows you to create an account and save a list of all your bitlinks you've created. It also tracks your traffic for each bitlink, so you know how many people clicked the link on a given day. 

Buffer is an amazing app/website that has changed my whole scheduling life. I used to find it so tedious to keep having to go back on Twitter every few hours to tweet about my most recent blog post, and having to do it everyday was even worse. With Buffer, you can pre-schedule your tweets and Facebook posts to a certain time, and have them post it for you! With the free version you're only allowed 9 tweets/Facebook posts in your queue, but that's more than enough for me, since I only tweet about my blog posts 3 times a day.
I love how easy it is to use Buffer, and I don't have to remind myself to tweet about my recent blog post, because I've already done it. Buffer is an awesome time saver.

Google Analytics is a great tool for keeping track of your visitors and what kind of people are viewing your blog, if you care about that kind of stuff. It allows you to see who your main audience is, and along with SEO, you can also find out what people are searching when they end up on your website! As a new and still growing blog, I love using Google Analytics to find out what my viewers are searching, and what blog posts they find most interesting. This is a great way for you to find out who your target market is for your blog, and to try and focus your posts on them. Another great thing about Google Analytics? It's free! 

Even though I've only been blogging for a year now, I feel like I have some experiences and made some mistakes along the way. I am here to share what I've learned and gained from this journey of mine. I hope you enjoyed this post, and will be here for the next one! 

Do you know any other great tools and resources for bloggers? 

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