Thursday, July 9, 2015

101 in 1001

I stumbled upon this awesome idea for a blog post through Her Campus, and absolutely loved it. What does 101 in 1001 actually mean? Basically, you write down 101 goals that are to be completed in 1001 days (2.75 years). It seems like a really long time when you're counting the days, but by years, it's not that much. I used to be the type of person who wrote down their goals and tried to achieve, them, but as I became more busy and flustered with life, it was hard to keep track of what I achieved and what I've forgotten.

I thought this was a great way to have a complied list of goals all in one place, where I can constantly update once I achieve something. Did I ever mention how obsessed with lists I am? If anyone were to ever go through my journals, you would literally see hundreds of pages of lists. So this is literally up my alley. I also think this is a wonderful opportunity for me to start a new blog series as well! While completing my 101 goals, I will also be blogging about the ones worth talking about. Anyways, enough jabbering, time to calculate my finish date!

Start Date: Saturday July 11, 2015
End Date: Saturday April 7, 2018

Wow! 2018 seems so far away, but 101 goals also seems impossible, but I'm sure it's doable if I put goals that are possible for me at least.

If the goal is striked out it means I've completed it, if it's bolded, it means I'm in the process of trying to complete it, and if the font is in a different colour, it means there's a link to a blog post. Hope you enjoy, and are inspired to create your own list!

I've completed: 48/101

1. Come up with 101 goals.

2. Lose 20 pounds. (30 is what I really want, but 20 seems more reasonable.)
3. Be able to run/jog 1km.
4. Control my gum addiction. (I can finish a 12 pack within a few hours -_-) (August 30, 2015)
5. Don't eat out for one month.
6. Be truly happy with how my body looks.

7. Get a full time job.
8. Start putting money aside for savings.
9. Help mom with her new business.
10. Finish decorating my new room. (Completed August 20, 2015)
11. Throw out old stuff/clothes before the move. (Completed July 22, 2015)
12. Print out Vietnam 2013 pictures.
13. Donate blood.
14. Use my polaroid camera at least once a month.
15. Create a budget to cut down on spending.
16. Send someone I love a surprise bouquet of flowers.
17. Create a new type of picture wall to display all my polaroids/pictures.
18. Donate and finally let go of all my stuffed animals. (Completed July 22, 2015)
19. Create one big box full of cherished items/old memories, and donate/throw away everything else. (Completed July 22, 2015)

20. Learn how to swim.
21. Learn how to do calligraphy.
22. Learn how to use camera functions properly.
23. Finish mom's scarf I was knitting.
24. Add more to me and my bf's scrapbook.
25. Teach myself how to skateboard again.
26. Freshen up my HTML/coding skills.
27. Become a pro at using my camera.

28. Change my hair style/colour. (Seriously been rocking the same thing for over 3 years!)
29. Learn how to line my eyes without pulling my eye. (Completed August 14, 2015)
30. Learn how to do someone else's make-up.
31. Finish one tube of lipstick.
32. Grow my nails out, without having them break and be all crooked.
33. Make it a habit to wash my brushes once every two weeks. (I barely wash them at all..)
34. Have a spa day.
35. Get my nails professionally done.
36. Use a Lush bath bomb.
37. Do an eye make-up look that actually shows up nicely on camera.
38. Try 2 new beauty subscription boxes.

39. Visit the states.
40. Travel to Vietnam again with the boyfriend.
41. Go to Disney World.
42. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
43. Go hiking. ( Completed August 29, 2015 Lighthouse Point Trail at Killbear Provincial Park)
44. Go on a random adventure outside the city. (Completed July 19, 2015 - Burlington Waterfront)
45. Visit a CVS/Ulta/Target/Walgreens/Rite Aid, so I can die happy.
46. Go on a couple's vacation.
47. Visit the CN Tower.
48. Visit Centre Island.
49. Visit the Ripley's Aquarium.
50. Go on a family vacation.
51. Go skiing/snowboarding.
52. Visit and stay at Blue Mountain again (summer or winter).
53. Visit Niagara Falls again. (Completed July 19, 2015 w/ mom+cousins)
54. Go to Wonderland.
55. Go to the Toronto Zoo.
56. Go camping. (Completed August 28-30, 2015 Killbear Provincial Park)
57. Go biking on a trail.
58. Go to the Ontario Science Centre.
59. Go to a comedy show.
60. Walk to boyfriend's house.
61. Go to the EX.
62. Go skating. (February 2016 at Fire and Ice Skating up North)
63. Walk around downtown Toronto, being a tourist and photograph stuff.
64. Have a "staycation". (July 19, 2015 - Burlington Waterfront, Niagara-on-the-lake, Niagara Falls)

65. Read 10 books. (Currently working on "Paper Towns" by John Green)
66. Read the whole Harry Potter series.
67. Finish watching Grey's Anatomy.
68. Start a new TV series. (Master of None, Gotham..)
69. Finish watching Parks and Recreation and then cry that it's over.
70. Watch the whole Harry Potter series again in one sitting (or two).
71. Watch the Batman trilogy with the boyfriend in one sitting.

72. Try Copacabana. (Completed September 2015 for Jayson's Bday)
73. Try a new restaurant.
74. Have no soda for one whole month. (Completed January 2016, still ongoing!!)
75. Have brunch somewhere in Toronto.
76. Cook one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes by myself.
77. Make at least 15 recipes from Laura in the Kitchen's cookbook. (Once I get it in October!)
78. Eat at a fine dining establishment.
79. Have a date day with my boyfriend at Ikea. (Completed July 11, 2015)
80. Eat at Krystos with the boyfriend. (Completed July 11, 2015)
81. Try a Summerlicious/Winterlicious restaurant.
82. Cook one new recipe once a week for a month.

83. Get a new phone. (Completed December 2015, Iphone 6S!!)
84. Get an iMac.
85. Get a car. Didn't think it would happen so soon, thanks mom and dad <3 (July 23, 2015)
86. Walk in to Holt Renfrew and buy something.
87. Buy myself a pair of running shoes. (Completed November 13, 2015)
88. Splurge on a nice handbag.
89. Make the jump and buy a Simplehuman mirror.
90. Purchase a DSLR.
91. Don't buy anything for one month.
92. Buy a gift for someone I love, just because.

Blog/Social Media
93. Get 150 likes on my Facebook page.
94. Get to 500 followers on Instagram.
95. Get to 500 followers on Twitter. (Completed February 21,2016)
96. Get to 250 followers on Bloglovin.
97. Host an international giveaway on my blog.
98. Reach 5000 unique visitors a month.
99. Make 5 new Youtube videos.
100. Work with 5 new companies on The Blushing Introvert.
101. Make it to 100,000 total pageviews for my blog. (Completed September 1, 2015)

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