Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Absolute New York Duo Stroke Dual Ended Precision Liquid Liner Review

I'm a huge fan of trying new make-up brands, and Absolute New York is one of them. I'm surprised I haven't heard about the brand before, because I am in love with this eyeliner! 

The Absolute NY Duo Stroke liner is a waterproof dual ended liquid liner, that provides an ultra black formula that doesn't smudge. Now, no matter what eyeliner I use, by the end of the day I have eyeliner somewhere on my face. I had to put this to the test. 

The thin precision tip is flexible and is able to draw thin and thick lines. 

The thick precision marker tip is solid like a regular marker, and allowed you to create thick, bold lines. 

The thin tip wasn't as thin as I was expecting, but it still worked wonders doing a simple cat eye. 

I love that the liner is very black, and it didn't smudge at all. It definitely stayed put and it didn't fade over the course of wearing it for over 8 hours. The one thing that I disliked was that it wasn't build-able. This meant that I wasn't able to go over the spots I already drew, because the colour would lift off from the first layer. I'm not precise when it comes to drawing my eyeliner, so I always have to go over it a few times. It's a bit of an annoyance, but I still love the eyeliner as a whole. 

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