Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where I've Been - Life Update - Too Hot For Make-Up!

I'm actually tired of constantly putting excuses on each blog post about why I haven't been posting lately, so I decided to make a whole post about it! Life has been overwhelming lately, but in a good way. Besides working every morning, I started helping my mom with her business in the afternoons, so the only time I have to myself I mostly spend scrolling through my newsfeeds or sleeping. I'm constantly tired from waking up at 6am and getting home by 8pm.

Also, to my fellow Torontonians, have you felt the humidity in the city? It's hotter than it's even been, that I can remember. Added to the fact that I have to wake up early to get to work, the laziness + tiredness + heat = less/no make-up. I've been avoiding wearing a lot of make-up because despite having long wearing products, the sweat + make-up just feels disgusting to me. Since I've been going the natural route, I haven't purchased any new products to review, hence another reason why I haven't been posting. I definitely still have an online presence, posting almost everyday on Snapchat (mlsstrng), occasionally on Instagram (mlsstrng), and sometimes on Twitter (also mlsstrng).

Side story. Since the end of last year, my life has changed drastically in more ways than one. Being the type of person I am, and the type of person my boyfriend was, we barely went out. We never had exciting summers, we didn't do anything involving huge crowds, etc etc. Since life has slowly been climbing upwards for the both of us, we are going out basically every chance we get. Another reason why I haven't been posting. I'm just trying to enjoy my life as much as I can, before I settle down and have to be more responsible haha.

What does that mean for The Blushing Introvert? Well, I won't be posting 2-3 times a week like I used to, until I get a break and have time to sit down and properly blog. I might pop in here and there with a life update post like this, where I share stuff that's been going on in my life. I may be doing more lifestyle posts again, or simple posts that take less time to write, so I won't be neglecting my readers! You guys know me (or maybe you don't), I love photographing make-up and that in itself is a long process. I may gear away from that for now, and post other things on my blog.

I do have a few beauty posts in the back burner, and I hope to get them out sometime in the next two weeks. For now, I will be cleaning my home as I am in the process of moving (again?!) and I am going camping for a few days so I will be away from my laptop.

Thanks for the readers who still stick around, you guys are the real MVPs. For now, I shall leave you with some highlights of the last few weeks. Enjoy and hope to see you guys back here sometime next week with a beauty post hopefully :)

Went to Wonderland for the boyfriend's birthday.

African Lion Safari. Saw giraffes and they walked right up to the cars!!

Animal party.


Baby giraffe that walked right up to the window!!

Made a zucchini lasagna. It was alright. Can't beat real pasta though.

Many date nights!

Literally my life. Collecting Pop vinyls LOL.

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