Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travalo Review

I think the worst thing to forget when you're running late on a hot summers day, is putting on your perfume. I think it's crucial to smell nice especially when you have to deal with stinky, sweaty people on your commute to work if you're taking the bus/subway. 

travalo, travalo review
The Travalo allows you to easily take your favourite perfume with you, everywhere you go. No more forgetting your perfume, or not being able to freshen up on your scent. Now, you can take your perfume with you no matter where you are! 

travalo, travalo review
Super compact and chic, the Travalo comes in a variety of shades, allowing you to fill up to 5ml; the equivalent of 65 sprays! Of course, being under 5ml of liquid, it's also TSA approved for taking onto airplanes. 

travalo, travalo review
The Travalo allows you to refill fragrances in a flash with its patented Genie-S pump fill system. This system ensures that your perfume isn't exposed to the air, so that you will get that exact same scent from the original bottle. 

You take your perfume bottle and pop off the spray top. Using the bottom of the Travalo, push down on the perfume bottle top, and pump a few times until the Travalo is filled. 

travalo, travalo review
It's as easy as that! Now you have your favourite perfume readily available in your purse. What I love about this is once I finish using the perfume in my Travalo, I can easily fill it up with another one of my favourite perfumes, without the worries of having to purchase a deluxe/travel size.

I actually received a Travalo mini for either my birthday or Christmas a few years ago from my cousin, and I love it. I currently have Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb in my mini one, and in this big red one, I put one of my favourite Victoria Secret Pink body sprays. Perfect for my gym bag after I get all sweaty. 

Personally, this is an affordable way to carry around your expensive perfume, without the hassle of purchasing a smaller deluxe size, that also may break if it's made of glass. Not only that, it's interchangeable once you finish it! It's like you have a new travel sized perfume every time you're done. 

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I received this product for reviewing purposes.
All opinions are my own.

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