Monday, January 2, 2017

Silisponge Review

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing again, but now that the holiday season is over, I will hopefully have more time on my hands to write posts!

Being the impulsive shopper that I am, I decided to get my hands on the hot new beauty trend of the season. If you've been living under a rock lately, the Silisponge is a silicone makeup applicator that people are claiming to be the next Beauty Blender contender.

At first glance, I honestly thought it looked like one of those sticky bras that you stick on your boob, or even a boob implant haha. I thought this was just another gimmick. I mean, how could a piece of silicone apply make-up on your face?

I ordered the Silisponge from the Canadian distributor; Lashes by Hiba, hoping to receive it sometime in the new year, since the restock was happening on Boxing Day. It literally came in a little less than two days!

It came in a black mailer, and then sealed in a Molly Cosmetics packaging, and then in a small plastic bag. The back of the packaging gives you a little information on how to use it, how to clean it, and when to throw it away. Pretty simple instructions.

What I decided to do was; use the flat side to apply the foundation onto my face, and then the rounded side to blend. The flat side worked wonders applying the foundation onto my face, and spread it evenly around, to prepare for blending. To my disbelief, it did a pretty decent job applying my foundation. The one thing I didn't like was how it blended around my nose. It wasn't too great at getting between the crease around my nostrils and such. It applied my foundation quite easily, and the best thing? No wasted product! The one thing I didn't like about using a Beauty Blender; was the amount of product gone to waste. Being that it is a sponge, it did absorb a lot of foundation, as much as I love it. When I use the Beauty Blender, I normally do 1.5 pumps to 2 pumps of foundation. With the Silisponge, I'm able to cover my whole face with just ONE pump!! 

Because I do use full coverage foundations, I find that even one pump of foundation is too much now. After using the Silisponge to blend and cover my face, I use a wet Beauty Blender to add a bit of moisture and to lighten my foundation. Many people doubt this product, but I totally love it. It could've been made as a better, more dynamic shape, but the product itself works well with what it's intended for. Another thing I love is how easy it is to clean it. I just wash my Silisponge with a brush cleaner and some water, and it's literally good as new. You can't really say that about a Beauty Blender, especially when you wear full coverage foundations! Once my Silisponge is completely destroyed, I'm definitely going to be repurchasing. (whenever that day comes, considering how easy it is to clean it!)

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