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At Home Teeth Whitening For Coffee Lovers

When it comes to long busy days, coffee is my best friend. The downside to that is how stained my teeth are. I was never a fan of whitening my teeth, especially when it meant using Crest White Strips. I hated how the strips felt on my teeth, and the collection of saliva in my mouth wasn't the best feeling either. There are other options besides whitening strips, such as led teeth whitening. I've seen the fancy lights and such, but nothing to this precision and customization, like Smile Brilliant.
I got the opportunity to whiten my teeth, but in the most unique, and amazing way. Smile Brilliant makes whitening your teeth custom (literally), and fit for you (also literally). 
Smile Brilliant offers a customized way to whiten your teeth. I love the personal feel you get with this type of whitening system. It starts off with making molds of the shape of your teeth, allowing them to make custom trays just for you, to whiten your teeth. You get your own freaking pair of teeth whitening trays, customized for YOU.

On their website, you choose which package suits you, based on your needs, and they will send you a package just like the one above. You will receive all the necessities to create your teeth molds, along with your whitening gels and desensitizing gels as well. It also has all the instructions needed to begin creating your molds. 

You get three sets of the catalyst and base paste. One for the top teeth, one for the bottom, and an extra one just in case you mess one up. The package comes with very detailed and easy to follow instructions on what to do, so you shouldn't have a problem with it. What you do is you mix together the catalyst and base paste, and put that molding into the blue trays. Press it into your teeth very nicely, so you can get a good impression. Wait a few minutes until the mold is hardened, and remove.

You really have to ensure that your molds turn out perfect so they can ensure that your custom trays turn out well. Now that you have your molds, you ship it back to Smile Brilliant, and wait for your custom trays to come back.

Yay, and now you have your custom trays after a week or more. To be honest, I used to be jealous of those with Invisalign, because I myself, thought it was so cool. This is a little bit similar to that, minus the straightening of your teeth of course. These trays are a type of thin, flexible plastic, that is literally customized for your teeth. They fit nice and snug on my teeth, and I don't have to worry about holding them in place, or having them slip out of my mouth while I go on with my day. 

The benefits of custom fitted trays, compared to others, is that the gel is pressed firmly on your teeth, adhering to the different curves of each tooth. It really gets into those crevices! 

The best time to whiten your teeth would be the end of the day, where you know you won't be eating after. Before using it, you dry brush your teeth with your toothbrush and a little water. Apply the whitening gel in the trays, without putting too much. Put them in for 45 minutes or up to 3 hours (depending on your sensitivity). If you have sensitive teeth, the gel will definitely make your teeth extra sensitive. Due to my laziness, I didn't use the desensitizing gel much, and my teeth would ache a bit the next day. 

Within a few hours of use, my teeth were already whiter. Though I finished using my kit, I wish I used it religiously, every single day. I felt like my result would be way better if I used it consecutively. 

Do my teeth look whiter? I don't know, it's a little hard to tell. I feel like the stains on my teeth definitely have subsided, and my teeth look a lot better. The biggest thing I noticed was the crevices of my teeth, got REALLY white compared to the centres. I feel like the custom trays really made a huge difference with where the gel attacked best. With whitening strips, your only really whitening the areas the strip touches. This literally went into the cracks, and whitened those areas that haven't been whitened before. Well, that's just my theory. I really enjoyed my experience with Smile Brilliant, and I prefer it way more than my experience with Crest White Strips. I love the personal touch when it comes to making your custom trays, which are specifically made just for you. It doesn't bother me wearing the trays for up to 3 hours sometimes, because I can still go on with my day. It doesn't make talking difficult, but you do have a little lisp when talking. It's not that obvious when you're wearing them, so I don't see why you couldn't go on with your day, like go grocery shopping and such. 

It's important to be informed before you buy with products such as whitening gels, so here's a great article that can probably answer more questions you have, that I may not have covered. I love the personalized touch I get with Smile Brilliant, and it's quite unique in my opinion.


You can win your own customized set of whitening trays!! 
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If you're interested in purchasing your own kit, check out the Smile Brilliant website and use the code: melissatee5 for 5% off storewide! 

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